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Filipa walks the streets of Portugal in Baku

15 May 2012 at 15:55 CEST

The rehearsal

Dressed all in yellow Filipa Sousa made her first appearance on the stage of the Baku Crystal Hall for the first rehearsal of Portugal. She competes in the Second Semi-Final with the Fado-inspired song Vida Minha:

This doesn't mean that we'll see her wearing the same dress in the night of the Second Semi-Final, as another outfit, a shiny golden one, was shown to the cameras. Which one she'll finally wear, we'll have to wait until the 24th of May.

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The song Vida Minha brings the pace back to a slow tempo and nostalgic feeling, with lyrics devoted to the absence of the beloved one.

The Press Conference

According to the artist, Filipa Sousa, there are two different kinds of Fado, Fado from Coimbra and then Fado from Lisbon. "As the coimbra one is sung by men, I'll sing for you now one Fado from Lisbon, in the style of Amalia Rodrigues" and then she went on to give us a beautiful example of it's sound by singing it live a capella.

 Fado is the most typical among Portuguese sounds, something that you can only hear in Portugal. You should feel it...feel the sound, feel the song

Actually Vida Minha is not a sad song, it is a love song. "Fado is not only about sad feelings, that's why sometimes I sing it with a smile, although Fado is to touch people". Filipa explains that It has different influences as well.

Interested in music and singing from an early age she loved to do karaoke when she was young, "I still do it a lot, singing different styles, and usually my favourite songs are by Whitney Houston".

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About singing in the Portuguese language, "I guess we should continue singing in our language. In this specific case it wouldn't make any sense to translate it into English, being a song with Portuguese roots, but in the competition I hope we can go as far as we can... let's see what happens".

This year Portugal had a different process to choose the entry, there was a casting to choose the voices. Then the songs were given to the chosen artists. The composer of the Vida Minha is Andrej Babic is from Croatia. "Thankfully I had some choice in the sound of the song, we tried to fit"!