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Fiery choreography and new shoes for Norway

05 May 2011 at 13:51 CEST

Backstage - A word with the choreographer

Stella was in high spirits.

"Everything is perfect, and I have new shoes as well. I didn't have them for the first rehearsal, but I will wear these for the show. I wanted something new, and I love diamonds and colours."

The choreographer behind the Norwegian-African dance is Swedish Mattias Carlsson. He also created the flashmob dance for the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

"When I heard "Haba Haba" the first time, I felt that it was important to find something special for the whole picture."

He hasn't actually studied African dance. He designed the choreography himself.

"The most important thing is that it should be so easy so that people actually can do it themselves. I want the whole audience and the people at home to go along with it. It was the same when I created the flashmob dance for Oslo last year."

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Rehearsal - New shoes for Stella

The second rehearsal of the Norwegian song, Haba Haba has improved significantly since the first rehearsal with better camera angles, better vocals and slightly tweaked choreography. 

The song continues to be performed in a very fiery fashion with kinetic red colours alternating with cool blues to emphasise the beat and cultural elements of this cool, African inspired number.

The dresses have stayed the same with vibrant red colours and suitable hair styles. There has also been some changed to Stella's costume with new shoes. Stella Mwangi danced around for before going on stage to show us that although her shoes were new, they still allow her to dance. This was demonstrated very well on stage!

Later on during the performance Stella's hair was changed from being in a pony tail to being worn down. It is some very impressive hair that many would be jealous of! Her dress is still the skimpy, gold number, which compliments the backing singers' dresses well. 

Vocally the performance was very good with a little improvisation from Stella that went well. The backing singers were also in tune. 

During the first rehearsal there were some issues with the special effects with the glitter and confetti that is launched at the end of the song falling all over the team who watch the rehearsals from the front. This time, however, this did not happen... We will have to wait until the semi-final on the 10th of May! 

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Here is the video from the Norwegian rehearsal and backstage with some special guests appearing:

Press Conference

As there are new journalists in the room, the Norwegian Head of Delegation introduced the team again.

Stella was talking about how the Eurovision Song Contest is a really huge step for her. She also said that her grandmother has told her "to have lots of fun" in Düsseldorf. 

"My aim of the song is to spread joy and for people to learn the dance, which people to seem to do", Stella said when talking about Haba Haba. 

Stella also mentioned that her biggest role model is Oprah Winfrey who Stella said, "reached so high by just being herself and my dream is to get on her show one day". 

One member of the press asked Stella how she does her hair to which she replied, "I have a lovely stylist with me who curls my hair. I also want my hair to be as big as possible on stage so that it moves during the performance". 

Stella spoke about her African career and that in 2006 she won an award for being the best new artists in Kenya after her single Happy did very well in the charts there. 

The Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi has also said that they will show the contest

A journalist asked Stella about the significance of African artists in the Eurovision Song Contest to which she replied, "Music has no colour, and goes beyond borders. It is just music and I want it to spread joy. Period". This was met by rapturous applause in the hall. 

The conference ended with Stella showing off her rapping skills by performing a medley of different songs. 

See some pictures from the press conference here: 

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