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Feel the energy of Cyprus

14 May 2012 at 11:55 CEST

Just before her rehearsal, we spoke to Ivi Adamou backstage, who was very keen and eager to get onto the stage, "I'm happy very much, and really want to go up on stage."  


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Table of antique books

Ivi is joined onstage by four female dancers, of which two double up on the vocals. There is also an additional male backing vocalist, who stands to the right of the stage.

Ivi starts the song standing on a table that is constructed of antique books. The background LED screens also feature classical Greek like patterns, of the type that is seen on porcelain.

At one point Ivi is carried head high by her four backing dancers, and there is also the use of the wind machine towards the conclusion of the song. The whole performance came over very effectively in the Crystal Hall.

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Familiar face at Press Conference

At the press conference which followed the rehearsal, Ivi was joined not only by her backing performers, but by also by another performer. Elena Patroclou, who represented Cyprus in the 1991 contest with S.O.S. This year she is taking a different role, this time as vocal coach to the singers, but this didn't prevent the fans from asking her to sing a little bit of her 1991 entry. She also admitted that despite this backstage role, she still felt all the same pressures that Ivi Adamou is going through.

If Ivi was showing any pressure, then she didn't show it during the press conference, appearing confident and relaxed, and that she was feeling happy and excited that now her dream is really happening.

The Cypriot delegation are confident that they are going to do well this year, and Ivi was asked what she thought were the main ingredients that could bring victory for Cyprus?

"Energy and power, and having a great team is important. We are all together and work hard" was her reply.

With Elena Patroclou already having sung in the conference, it was only fitting that Ivi Adamou concluded the press conference with La, La, Love.

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