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Farid's glass podium of passion

08 May 2013 at 14:26 CEST

Backstage, Farid was calm, cool and collected. His sound check went well and he was surrounded by media as he walked to the stage. 

He had time to tell us that he was looking forward to standing on the stage and gave a big thank you to Malmö for the warm welcome he had received. 

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There was some time before the rehearsal, so Farid had some time to check the stage out and watch a bit of the previous rehearsal. 

In a simplistic yet sophisticated performance, Farid is accompanied on stage by two dancers. The male dancer performs acrobatics in a transparent glass box that serves as a podium for Farid in the first part of the song. The girl appears later playing the role of a mysterious symbol of Farid's emotional drama.

Farid's staging was conceived by Fokas Evangelinos, the legendary stage director who has become famous for his work with such Eurovision artists as Helena Paparizou, Ani Lorak, Dima Bilan and Sakis Rouvas.

“The glass box symbolises the logic in our lives. But, inside logic there’s a whole another world, full of passion, emotions, and love. When you’re in love, sometimes you may find your life and soul upside down,” comments Fokas on the creative idea.

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The stage colours are purples and pinks symbolising the passion within the song and the very complex performance. Later on in the performance when the girl joins Farid on stage, the glass box fills with pink petals that really add to the fiery nature of this ballad as the two dancers interact. 

After his rehearsal, Farid and the Azerbaijani delegation moved to the Euroclub to have a meet and greet with fans and press. We have some pictures from this below: 

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