Fans advising fans for Ireland

As for most countries, the pieces are still falling into place for the Irish entry. After performing their Et Cetera for the first time in the arena, the main topic of discussion for Sinéad Mulvey & Black Daisy was the ear pieces. Every artist on stage keeps the ear pieces on during the show to receive the sound clearly.

“We're trying to get used to the ear pieces, but we still have many reharsals to go, so we'll be fine,” the lead singer Sinéad comments.

The song writers for Et Cetera, Christina Schilling from Denmark, Jonas Gladnikoff from Sweden and Niall Mooney from Ireland, are well-known fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. They often have travelled to attend Europe's favourite TV show in the past. This time they are competing with an entry of their own together with Daniele Moretti. As of today, they aren't yet present in Moscow, but still they have given advice to their artists. Sinéad is herself a big fan of the contest, who describes the nights of the show as “religious moments”.

“The songwriters are great. They've been telling me what to expect,” she says.


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