'Fairytale' third most sold single in Europe!

Alexander Rybak appeared on the European Hot 100 Singles on the 30th of May as new entry on the 52nd place. One week later Fairytale became one of three most selling singles in Europe, together with Lady GaGa and Black Eyed Peas.

"This success proves, first that Eurovision Songs are not out of the mainstream music production," said Jakov Leon, who produces the European chart for Deutsche Welle, to Eurovision.tv. "His Song is on this chart for three weeks already and I’m even sure that he will continue doing well at least for ten weeks."

Fairytale already reached number one in Belgium, Greece Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Norway - and also number two in the Netherlands and Ireland. Rybak appeared on the charts in almost every country that took part in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. "This years winning song is a big European hit," Leon added.

He also pointed out the importance of promotional activities behind this success - their recording company backed the song all over Europe. "Other great Eurovision Song Contest songs could do very well with more co-operation with record labels. We had a lot of amazing songs this year that could really be a huge hits and not only in Europe," the music specialist and long-time Eurovision Song Contest reporter concluded.

Five other Eurovision Song Contest songs reached the European chart. Norway, Iceland and Germany even twice, first time some weeks before the Final of Europe's favourite TV-show. In addition to them UK and Turkey also reached the top one hundred.  

Norway won the 54th Eurovision Song Contest with Alexander Rybak's song Fairytale on the 16th of May in Moscow, Russia. Thus the next Host City of Europe's favourite TV-show is the capital of Norway - Oslo.

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