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F.Y.R. Macedonian Bruno Mars and queen of Gypsy music

16 May 2013 at 18:29 CEST You have already had your two rehearsals, and today you have your dress rehearsal. How do you feel?

Esma: We feel comfortable. It’s so windy in Sweden but the rest is ok.

Lozano: We are full of positive energy. We are ready to go on stage. It’s cold here in Sweden. In  [F.Y.R.] Macedonia it is much more warmer. But we are ready for our dress rehearsal.

This content is unfortunately no longer available How did you decide to sing a duet?

Esma: After I’ve found out I would perform in the Eurovision Song Contest, I had to choose a male artist to sing a duet with me. I chose Vlatko because he is the most talented singer in [F.Y.R.] Macedonia. He performs live very well which is very important for the Eurovision stage. I would say, he is a white man with the voice of a black singer.

Lozano: I acccepted the offer from the broadcaster to sing with Esma Redžepova. It’s my honour and pleasure to be with her here in Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, and it’s also an honour and pleasure to represent our country. What are your plans after the Eurovision. Are you going to sing a duet together again?

Esma: Of course, we will continue our work together. I believe that our collaboration will have a huge success after the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides, I'll be on tour in Israel, Australia and Europe. And a documentary about my life will be released.

Lozano: I will continue my work on my third album. I’ll give some concerts in [F.Y.R.] Macedonia and will be on tour in Australia as well. Vlatko, for the second  rehearsal of Semi-Final you had to change the language and sing in Macedonian instead of English. Is it a plus or minus for you?

Lozano: It a plus. We are [F.Y.R] Macedonians and we must sing in our native language Macedonian. Maybe in the future, we shall sing ballads in English but for now we decided to sing in Macedonian. Esma, you have a long music career and have been on stage for so long. Do you have a message for the young generation like Vlatko?

Esma: I would recommend all young musicians to work on their voice and to get a good education. If you want to be a good singer, you should be unique and recognisable by people. Like me! If you hear my voice you know it’s me (she laughs). Vlatko, what did you learn from Esma?

Lozano: She is very big artist, a very patient artist with a big heart!