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F.Y.R. Macedonia: Tijana goes to the sky

22 February 2014 at 23:35 CET

The Hit Of The Month is a project in F.Y.R. Macedonia where the latest hits of the popular music are presented. The show was hosted by Aleksandra Jovanovska and Marko Mark.

In tonight’s programme, some Eurovision stars and well-known Balkan singers took stage. Elena Risteska, the representative of F.Y.R. Macedonia in 2006 and Karolina Gočeva, who participated for F.Y.R. Macedonia in 2002 and 2007, performed their new hits.

Tamara Todevska, Tijana Dapčević’s younger sister surprised the audience with the announcement that she will be the part of Tijana’s team in Copenhagen. Tamara will support Tijana as a backing vocalist. 

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Tijana truly entertained public with her song for Copenhagen. She told that it wasn’t difficult to choose exactly this entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, although the singer got more than 50 song applications from the whole Balkans. "...but I didn't like any of them, besides those three that I got from Darko. We chose the most rhythmic one. And I believe in this song a lot. I feel very confident when I sing it. And I'm sure I’ll deliver a good performance at the Eurovision Song Contest”, Tijana said.

The singer performed her entry in English and Macedonian. MKRTV, the broadcaster from F.Y.R. Macedonia still has to confirm which version they will send to Copenhagen. Enjoy Tijana's song presentation (English version):

The music of To The Sky was written by Darko Dimitrov and Lazar Cvetkoski. The Macedonian lyrics was written by Elena Risteska. Elena and Darko, in cooperation with Laura Rosca from Romania, have also created the English version.

F.Y.R. Macedonia will take part part in Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam. Tijana will also come to the London Party. A lot of work ahead: Tijana's video shooting and a promo tour through Europe.

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