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F.Y.R Macedonia parties in Oslo

24 May 2010 at 17:27 CEST

More than 400 people were crowded  on Thursday night on May 20th, at the Tempest bar near the  Eurovillage. They all came to attend the FYR Macedonian party. The  hosts were from the FYR Macedonian embassy in Norway and the Eurovision Song Contest team  from FYR Macedonian Radio Television who wished a warm welcome to the delegations  of Lithuania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Greece, Georgia, Slovakia and Belarus. Some delegations came just to say hello  and to enjoy the party.

The FYR Macedonian representative Gjoko  Taneski performed his Eurovision song Jas Ja Imam Silata and some  old Macedonian folk songs.

Juliana Pasha got a big applause  for her performance of the legendary Simply The Best , for her  Eurovision entry It’s All About You and for the fact that she  celebrated her birthday that evening. More brilliant performances were seen by the singers from Romania, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania

Apart from having a lot of  fun, singing and dancing, the guests could also enjoy the delicious FYR Macedonian wine and cuisine. The party lasted for more than  3 hours and was a night to remember!

Apart from partying, the FYR Macedonian delegation made a special gesture to the mayor of Oslo when their heaod of delegation, Gordana Andrashevska, handed over a special gift as a token of gratitude and high appreciation for the efforts of the city of Oslo for making the Eurovision Song Contest a successful event.

The present was a "butterfly", a special handmade product from FYR Macedonia which represents a brooch from the 19th century. The butterfly has a symbolic meaning connected to the content of the FYR Macedonian entry. The mayor expressed his thankfulness and wished all the best to the FYR Macedonian delegation.