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Eyþór sings “alive because of you”

On the way to the first sound check, Eyþór told us that he is really enjoying his time in Malmö, but “I still need some time in order to have the right impression about Eurovision. However, it's a big challenge for me and a new experience, as I like to explore new things”, 23 year old pop rock singer from the small fishing town Dalvík said.

While following him to the stage, Eyþór seems completely relaxed. No wonder, as music is a major part of his life, all the time. He is not really considering any special effects or pyros for his performance, some unobtrusive blue lights and images of Iceland are definitely going to be there.

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“For me the most important thing is that the performance has a personal touch. But other elements are important as well. Perfect sound and right light. They all need to follow my performance”, he stated.

On the stage Eyþór wears black outfit with lapels white shirt and a tie, but he performed once having white jacket on. Nevertheless he is not alone as there are four backing vocalists as well.

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When we asked him what makes his song so special and different, Eyþór replied: “Song is mostly about the joy of life. Anyone can relate to the lyrics. There is certainly someone in your life in each of us who brings joy and gives a special meaning to our lives.”

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