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Eyþór: "I sing to my fiancée and children"

18 May 2013 at 18:16 CEST First of all, congratulations on the great performance and getting in the Final. Are you feeling relieved or already nervous about the Grand Final on Saturday?

Eyþór Ingi Gunnlaugsson: “Thank you. No I don’t feel nervous. More excited and calm. The pressure is off since we got through the Semi-Final. Now it’s just time to enjoy the show.”

Ég Á Líf  is a strong ballad about journey called life. After so many rehearsals and performances, is it hard to bring all those emotions out every single time you sing your song?

“No, I just think of my fiancée and my children. They are the ones that changed my life and I will never get tired of that feeling.”

You have a huge experience in the world of entertainment, did this adventure called Eurovision change you in any way?

“I know from experience that everything new you do, opens you mind more. And this experience has opened my mind a lot to this beautiful idea of bringing the whole Europe together for this big party.”

How did it all actually happen? What made you attend Söngvakeppnin and Eurovision Song Contest after all? Until now it seemed you were closer to rock music. Is it because of Paul Oscar’s Eurovision entry maybe?

“The song spoke to me. I tried the song, as I knew the composers and liked the song and the message of the song. So I wanted to sing it and did not really think about the competition.”

What makes Icelandic entry different and more special then any other songs we are having this year?

“I think all of the entries are special in their own way. So Ég Á Líf is special to those who like it and can relate to it.”

I guess that every artist wants to win. Some would say that it’s not about winning. What are you hoping for? Iceland to host Eurovision Song Contest finally?

“It would be a great honour to win this competition but I am not thinking about that. I am just thinking about delivering the song as well as I can.”

Iceland is relatively small country, but it looks like there are a lot of great musicians, even exceptional number of those who are involved in music. What might be the reason for it?

“It must be the energy from the nature. I grew up surrounded by mountains and by the ocean. All in walking distance. That gives a lot of energy.”

What are your plans after Eurovision? Maybe doing something different again?

“I will be sharing the stage with the legends from Deep Purple in June. I am looking forward to that.”