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Extraordinary show from the Swedish pop idol Robin

Posted 12 May 2013 at 13:31

Robin Stjernberg doesn’t need to travel outside of his country this year. The Swedish entrant was in a good mood backstage when Eurovision.tv met him. Robin was posing for the cameras showing his new stage costume. “It’s the first time I’m wearing it,” the singer said. He could hardly wait to enter the stage: “It’s the greatest time in my life!”
{Video#YT, id: -uI7rce_qKo}
On stage, the singer wore a light beige costume with a loose-fitting longer white vest and white leather shoes. His three male and two female dancers were in white-grey costumes. Robin’s dancers delivered a real acrobatic show moving, jumping around and together with Robin, and doing somersaults on stage.
During Robin’s first rehearsal, the stage and projectors were lit in blue and red. All in all, Robin and his dancers made out of their performance an extraordinary show. During the last try the fog effects and recycled pyrotechnics were used.

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