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Not forgotten! We spoke with a few of them who didn't qualify

12 May 2017 at 16:20 CEST
Second semi-final Live-show Andres Putting
The line-up of the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is now complete. Ten countries qualified from each Semi-Final and tomorrow 26 countries will battle it out for the trophy. What about those who didn't make it through? We caught up with some of them behind the scenes.

The Eurovision Song Contest is a competition and only one act can win. After the Semi-Finals we said goodbye to 16 countries. Whilst the qualifers were busy celebrating, there were mixed emotions among those who failed to reach the Grand Final. 

Whilst some were visibily upset, others put on their biggest smile and soaked up the Eurovision atmosphere, like Claudia Faniello from Malta did. The singer received a huge ovation from the crowd as she arrived at the Euro Club after missing out on a place in the Grand Final. We caught up with a few more acts to see how they were coping.

Finland: "We couldn't have done more"

Norma John from Finland were happy with their performance and believed in their song. "We worked so hard and are satisfied that we could not have done more," explained Lasse. The lead singer, Leena, will fly home early to see her children. "I've been working away so much and I really miss them," she said with a smile. The group are planning to continue with their various musical projects. Would they do Eurovision again? "Yes! In a heartbeat, it's been such a wonderful experience," Leena added.

Slovenia: "I was prepared for every possible outcome"

Omar Naber was reflective after failing to qualify for the Grand Final. "It's ok, there was a lot of competition and I was prepared for every eventuality. I worked so hard with my team and feel that we did everything we could." The singer previously represented Slovenia in 2005 and has enjoyed his Eurovision experience. "It's been an amazing journey and as for the future, I plan to do rock music," he added.

Iceland: "You never know how things are going to go in a competition"

Svala represented Iceland with the song Paper in the first Semi-Final. The singer shared her thoughts after the show: "It felt amazing performing on the stage and I really loved the experience but after many days of performing and doing interviews I didn't really know how to feel. I was a little disappointed on behalf of all the children in Iceland that were watching and rooting for me. That made me a little upset because I've had so much support from all the kids in Iceland. I also wanted to go to the Grand Final for my country. I'm so grateful for all the fan love and humble with how my song and my message has had an impact on people all over the world. It's an incredible feeling! When I fly home I'm going straight to the studio to write and record more music and release my next single with my band BLISSFUL. Find us on Spotify and @blissfulcreative on FB and Instagram!"

Estonia: "We were very surprised, I think we delivered"

Koit Toome and Laura represented Estonia this year, both had previously taken part in the contest. Head of Delegation Mart Normet explained that the team felt that they gave their all. "Everything was top notch from our side, but we will dissect the act and performance later. The singers are satisfied that they did everything they could do. In the first Semi-Final we saw there were some surprises, so you never know what to expect. Our selection, Eesti Laul, is a huge show so let's see what we can do next year."

F.Y.R. Macedonia: "Dance Alone was a song truly loved among the fans from day one"

Jana Burčeska received a surprise yesterday when she got engaged to be married live on air! Unfortunately for the singer the next surprise was when she failed to qualify for the Grand Final but the singer remains upbeat. 

Aleksandra Jovanovska, Head of Press is proud of Jana and her whole team. "We are not sad, because we enjoyed this wonderful Eurovision project. We had lot of special moments during the past six months and all has finished yesterday in high spirits because of the marriage proposal and the announcement of Jana's pregnancy. We would like to thank the production team and Mr Stuart Barlow for accepting the idea of the on-air proposal. The worldwide media were writing that we stole the show! Jana is very proud of herself and the team, and she is looking forward to all happy days that are following in her life."

Serbia: "Tijana is very satisfied with her performance"

Tijana Bogićević represented Serbia with In Too Deep in the second Semi-Final. Head of Press and a commentator for the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation, Duška Vucinic, shared her reflections after the show. "It was a surprise for us because of the great and positive comments we received in the past few weeks. Tijana is very satisfied with her performance, but of course, she is not happy about not making through the final. The delegation will stay in Kyiv, because we have more work to do with the broadcast of the Grand Final live from the arena. Tijana's plans to publish her new album in the coming months," she said.

Ireland: "I'm very disappointed, but this has been an amazing experience"

Brendan Murray represented Ireland with Dying To Try in the second Semi-Final. Ireland has won the Eurovision Song Contest a record seven times but the country failed to qualify for the 2017 Grand Final. "I've just got to take it on the chin and move on. It's been an amazing experience, I've met some amazing people and learned so much. It's been fantastic, I'll always remember it. I would like to thank my whole team, the delegation, my manager Louis Walsh and everyone at home. Your support has been amazing, thank you. I want to wish all the finalists the best of luck, I can't wait to see the Grand Final," said Brendan. would like to thank the artists and their delegations for sharing their stories, and wish those who didn't qualify all the best in their future careers. You will forever remain part of the Eurovision Family!