Excitement inside and outside the arena!

In a few short hours the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest will begin here in Düsseldorf and to get you in the mood we at Eurovision.tv have put together two videos from inside and outside the arena in order to give you a sense of the atmosphere before and during the show. 

We also have a few pictures to share with you so take a look below....

Stars in the making - outside the arena

Outside the arena Eurovision.tv met fans from all over the world.... From Australia to Turkey.... Many just waved their flags whilst others burst into song, giving renditions of this year's entries! 

Take a look:

Anticipation and cheering - inside the arena

From the below video you can see how the crowd in the Düsseldorf Arena reacted when the show started... The EBU vignette evoked cheers and anticipation, which continued right up until the ten finalists were announced. 

Check it out:

We also have some pictures for you to look at.... 

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