Everything is easy for Croatia

Croatia's Feminnem are already experienced singers when it comes to the Eurovision Song Contest as they participated in 2005 before, for Bosnia & Herzegovina. Their experience could be easily detected during second rehearsal today: everything was looking easy for the three ladies!

Staring after the lunch break, Feminnem entered the stage in their clothes they have chosen for the second Semi-Final later this week. Their dresses are elegant creations which are cream-coloured while the two backing singers wear black catsuits.

The group still starts off their performance on a bench in the back part of the stage, and after getting up for some effective choreography, the three girls are re-united in the centre of a heart-shaped prop at the very end of the song. At one part of the song, the two dancers throw flowers over Feminnem which left an excellent impression on the screen.

Many slow camera moves accentuate the ballad character of the song and many close-ups of the pretty singers give it and intimate feeling. The stage is being lit in blue at first and slowly turning to red towards the end of the song with blue drapes slowly swaying in the backgound.


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"We are happy about all the support"

During their press conference today, Feminnem said that everything was excellent on stage and that they are very proud of the result that they could see on screen. Their dresses are made by a designer from Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the group has been working with her for the last five years.

Croatia's head of delegation promised the present media and fans that if Croatia wins this year, it would be a great event. Six new arenas had been built all around Croatia and Croatian TV would have a lot of choice for a venue of next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Feminnem have also recorded this year's song in other languages, and they revealed that it wasn't really difficult to record it in Italian and Russian. They then embarked on singing parts of their song in Italian.

The group announced that they are very thankful for the support they're getting on the internet. Asked about the change in the line-up in the band, Feminnem explained that their latest member Nika had been with the group for one year now and the girls are very happy with the constellation now.

The press conference ended with a performance of the English version of their song from this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

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