Everything has started!

After the launch of Eurovision.tv on Tuesday, I got a phone call from a friend, who I hadn't seen for some months and who commented on the website. He also asked if I would also give predictions of who will do well at this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and when I said "yes, maybe", he claimed: "Oh, in the past you were always totally wrong when predicting the  winner!" Okay, what can be more painful for someone who is being called a "Eurovision Song Contest expert" on this website?


But well, isn't it great that the Eurovision Song Contest season  is now in full swing? The first countries - Albania, Cyprus, Andorra and  Switzerland - have already selected their songs for Belgrade, and we already have a good  range of musical styles, from an Albanian ballad, via Andorran Europop and the Swiss heartthrob to Greek cabaret from Cyprus. Next week, we'll know several more entries, like the second ever song  from the Czech Republic and the Maltese entry. Oh, talking about the Maltese  national selection; If you're in Malta next Saturday, don't be surprised if the streets will be totally empty! Seemingly, 98% of the population are usually watching their quest in order to reach the European pop throne. So if you fancy a quiet time at a restaurant in Malta, next Saturday will be your day! 

Surprise us all!

Seeing most countries already selecting their songs in  the next few weeks, it's conspicuous that we haven't heard much from three of  the so called 'Big Four' countries; the United Kingdom, France and Spain have not yet revealed  what will be their method to select a song for Belgrade. France is rumoured to send a big star to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, hoping that would be the right strategy. UK broadcaster BBC have just announced that  they will show their final on 1st of March, but they are very secretive about who will be taking part in their final. The Spanish are even more secretive, as we know nada about their strategy for a successful result in Serbia. But,  maybe they will surprise us all, who knows! 

There is lots to look out for in the next weeks from here - so don't miss it!

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