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Every vote matters: Two countries 3 points away from Final

07 May 2014 at 18:56 CEST

With just three points between 10th and 12th place, where does this rank the first Semi-Final in terms of close finishes for qualification for the final?

One Semi-Final era

Between 2004 and 2007 there was just one Semi-Final, with the 2007 being the closest Semi-Final when Sabrina from Portugal ended up in 11th place, just 3 points behind the 10th placed entry from Moldova.

Jury gives wildcards

We enter the era of the juries being able to award a wildcard, and in 2008 former winner Charlotte Perrelli from Sweden made it through to the Final having finished in 12th place in the second Semi-Final, and thus deprived the entry from FYR Macedonia (Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan) from qualifying to the Grand Final.

In 2009 there was an almost identical situation to last night's Semi-Final with three points separating 10th from 12th, but in this case it was the song in 12th palce from Finland that received the wildcard. the scoreboard read as follows

  • 10th FYR Macedonia: Neshto Shto Ke Ostane sung by Next Time 45 points
  • 11th Montenegro: Just Get Out Of My Life sung by Andrea Demirovic 44 points
  • 12th Finland: Lose Control sung by Waldo's People 42 points

In 2009 in the second Semi-Final it was the Croatian artists Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea who  finished in 13th place that were saved by the jury wildcard, at the expense of their Balkan neighbours who had finished 27 points ahead of them.

Recent close results

The voting system returned to the more straightforward Top ten, with no wildcards on offer, but there have been several very close outcomes to decide who made it to the Grand Final.

In 2011 the first Semi-Final saw an incredibly close finish, with three countries finishing within a point of each other,

  • 10th Switzerland: In Love For A While sung by Anna Rossinelli 55 points
  • 11th Malta: One Life sung by Glen vella 54 points
  • 12th Armenia: Boom Boom sung by Emmy 54 points

In the second Semi-Final Moldova's Zdob și Zdub were So Lucky to make it through in 10th place as they finished just 1 point ahead of the 11th placed entry from Belgium's Witloof Bay.

However, spare a thought for Bulgaria's Sofi Marinova in the second Semi-Final in 2012, when she tied with Tooji from Norway on 45 points, and lost out on a place in the Grand Final with the tie break rule, and not too far behind was Croatia's Nina Badrić who was just three points behind them on 42 points in 12th place.