Evelina Sasenko (Lithuania) 2nd press conference

Evelina's background is more from jazz and classical music than from pop, but she has adapted herself for the competion. It's no coincidence that C'est Ma Vie has a certain musical touch, as Evelina affirmed that she has a love for that genre. Her favourite musicals include 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and 'Cats'.

The composer Paulius Zdanavicius confirmed that he had written the song especially for Evelina: “We've known each other many years, both personally and in her professional life and so I chose to write a song specially suited for her.”

Evelina also has a a great love for the French language, which she finds very expressive, allowing her to convey deep emotions. C'est Ma Vie is the only song in the competition  this year featuring French lyrics (Amaury Vassili of France will be singing his song Sognu in Corsican). This might prove an added advantage for Evelina in some parts of Europe.

Evelina concluded the press conference by delivering a lovely performance of a French chanson, to vigorous applause.

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