Evelina goes all classic for Lithuania

It's her life

Just like so many delegations before, the Lithuanian team decided to reveal the Semi-Final dresses for Evelina Sašenko and her team: the talented singer will wear a dream in white with black applications on top which gave the whole performance a very timeless feeling.

Evelina is accompanied on stage by her pianist - also fully dressed in white - who's sitting behind a piano just next to the Lithuanian hopeful. The young singer is standing still during most of her performance of her classic ballad, but she uses sign language during the middle part of her song C'est Ma Vie.

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The stage is held completely in dark at the beginning of the song, with a single spot concentrating on Evelina. Later on, the black backdrop is filled with a myriad of little white stars, and more intensive light spots hit the stage.

Backstage before the rehearsal

"I feel very good," Evelina explained.

Going to the rehearsal on Monday was a serious experience for Evelina, who longed to get to the stage instead of waiting.

"I hope I will feel more quiet and stop being nervous, or at least that it will happen so that this feeling of waiting will be over. I breathe deeply to try to get the better of the nerves."

"This is the biggest stage I've performed in, and I do believe I'm not the only contestant being the first time on such a big stage. There are few chances to perform on a stage of this size, that's why I'm very happy and excited."

"I hope to get experience here. It's a great experience to see how big shows are organised, it makes you discipline yourself."

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In front of the press

Asked if Evelina was happy with the first rehearsal, Evelina answered that everything was perfect and that everyone had been very friendly with her. She explained that the sign language used in her song is meant for people that are different, like deaf people.

She revealed that no real orchestra was used to record the song, to the surprise of many. Asked if her song was maybe too difficult for the Eurovision Song Contest, Evelina answered that it was not the case, and that it would be the song that would count in the end and not special effects used on stage.

Evelina is a student at the Lithuanian Academy of Music in the department of jazz, but she was not afraid to try out the Eurovision Song Contest, and she would later evaluate what would come out of it.

Asked about the dress, Evelina revealed that it was a special creation by a Polish designer.

At the end of the press conference, Evelina performed her favourite song which turned out to be a French song by Edith Piaf.

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Who's Evelina?

Born into Polish-Ukrainian family, Evelina started singing solo at tender age of 6. A year later, she made her debut in Dainų Dainelė (a wildly popular Lithuanian competition for singing kids and teenagers), becoming laureate six times. As her experience grew, so did the repertoire – musicals, classical pieces, tributes to artists as diverse as Chopin and Edith Piaf.

Many Lithuanians found out about Evelina in 2009, when she took part in a successful TV contest for classical singers Triumfo Arka. People took notice immediately – including the country's most famous conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius who asked Evelina to take part in several projects with Lithuania's State Symphony Orchestra.

Evelina won the Lithuanian final earlier in February when she was the favourite both of the televoting audience and a professional jury.

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