Eva Rivas sets the stage on fire

The Armenian delegation had made some changes in the choreography to Apricot Stone: During the song, the three backing vocalists approached the artificial waterfall on stage and took water from it with their hands. There were also some notable changes in the staging. This time, shining white bubbles were hanging from the ceiling, and only when the large apricot stone in the back opened and the tree started growing out of it, the bubbles were lifted up. During the last chorus, all artists moved close to each other and raised their hands.

The pyrotechnical effects, orange flames in the background, were used every time the chorus started. Before the last chorus, single shots in different colours were added. All artists were wearing their Semi-Final costumes today. While Eva Rivas wore an long apricot-coloured dress and white trousers underneath, the backing artists were dressed in black and dark shades of brown.

Looking onto the TV screens, the Armenian entry started with a close-up on the duduk player, who was again replaced by an extra as the famous 83-year-old Jivan Gasparyan had still not arrived in Oslo. Then the camera moved to another close-up on Eva Rivas, showing a pendant in the shape of an apricot stone which she held on her palm. The warm and elaborate stage act really told a whole story in itself!


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"The whole universe united on stage"

In the press conference, the delegation confirmed that they were very happy with the second rehearsal, and some initial sound problems could be easily resolved. The head of delegation, Diana Mnatsakanyan, stated that some changes had been made to the stage act to make it more colourful, with more pyrotechnical effects, flashes and different lighting. They wanted to see "the whole universe united on stage", as she added. The whole team was very happy with the changes that have been implemented.

Eva Rivas gave more details on her dress, which consists in fact of white jeans and an apricot-coloured corset, which she described as an "unusual combination." She also said she would perform on stage barefoot. Eva went on to sing a short part of a song of hers in the Armenian language, which had the same theme as Apricot Stone - people from diaspora returning to their roots.

Diana Mnatsakanyan finished the press conference by thanking all journalists and fans for their feedback, support and promotional efforts.

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