Eva Boto sings a verse of Verjamem's English version!

Eva admits to being very excited about the prospect of representing her nation in Baku, and said "I'm the youngest in the competition, i'm just 16 years old!."

The song is performed in the Slovene language, and when asked what the meaning of the lyrics were, Eva adds "It is about a girl who lost her boyfriend, and wants him back, she is praying. I can really express my feelings in this song."

Despite her tender age, Eva tells us that she has been in many singing competitions before, and won some of them. She also likes to relax as well, "I like to hang out with my friends like other teenagers do. I'm really living my dreams now!."

A special surprise for the viewers can be found in our video below, where Eva sings a chorus from the English language version of Verjamem. We hope that you enjoy it!.

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