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The '400 Club': Counting down Eurovision's all-time top scorers

05 October 2023 at 10:30 CEST
Mahmood (Italy 2019) Attilio Cusani
Shining a light on the Eurovision Song Contest favourites that have achieved the highest scores in the history of the Contest.
Käärijä performed Cha Cha Cha for Finland at the Grand Final at Liverpool Arena Corinne Cumming / EBU

It's difficult to pick a favourite part of the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final each year, but certainly up there as one of the most exhilarating is the voting sequence; when months and months of hard work and preparation comes to a head and those points start rolling in.

And there are so many points to come in. All those countries with all those douze points to dish out... And the rest!

United Kingdom’s Sam Ryder at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Grand Final EBU / Corinne Cumming

These days, the points available at the Eurovision Song Contest are more than ever. Since 2016, a new voting system has been rolled out that separates the jury vote and the televote, which means that essentially two sets of points are now being awarded by each country. 

This generous (and thoroughly deserved!) sharing of points has resulted in big numbers at the end of the night, and some Contest favourites have entered the history books with some all-time high scores.

Jamala performs '1944' at the Second Semi-Final in Stockholm Andres Putting (EBU)

18 Eurovision Song Contest entries have now joined the '400 Club' and elite group of artists achieving a score of over 400 points at the Grand Final. 

Let's see how they stack up - as we celebrate your faves and countdown the all-time top scoring Eurovision songs. 

Barbara Pravi performing 'Voilà' in Rotterdam in 2021 Andres Putting

18: Gjon's Tears - Tout l'univers

Switzerland 2021 - 432 points

The third-place finish achieved by this song remains Switzerland’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993, when Annie Cotton also earned a bronze medal in Millstreet with Moi, Tout Simplement.

17: Eleni Foureira - Fuego

Cyprus 2018 - 436 points

Cyprus currently holds the record for the most times competing in the Eurovision Song Contest without a win - but it came closest in 2018 when this flame-fuelled anthem finished in second place. 

Its title didn’t go unappreciated in España, where the song hit the Top 10 in the official singles chart and was awarded a platinum certification for sales. 

16: Cornelia Jakobs - Hold Me Closer

Sweden 2022 - 438 points

Hold Me Closer finished 4th in Turin, while back home in Sweden it won Song of the Year at both the Rockbjörnen Awards and the Musikförläggarnas Pris, and was nominated as Song of the Year at the Swedish Grammy Awards. 

15: Chanel - SloMo

Spain 2022 - 459 points

A third-place result in Turin remains Spain’s best finish at the Eurovision Song Contest since the silver medal that Anabel Conde secured for them in 1995, with Vuelve Conmigo

Chanel's SloMo became a number 1 single at home in Spain and ‘la reina’ has recently earned another Top 10 hit there - with her summer smash Clavaíto

14: Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN

United Kingdom 2022 - 466 points

SPACE MAN’s number two on the Turin scoreboard saw it become the highest placed United Kingdom entry since Imaani’s Where Are You in 1998. Meanwhile, its number two on the UK singles chart places it as the highest charting UK Eurovision song since Gina G’s Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit in 1996.

The math is mathing and infers that two plus two minus the '90s equals the United Kingdom's number one of the 21st century! 

13: Mahmood - Soldi

Italy 2019 - 472 points

Runner-up at the 2019 Contest in Tel Aviv, Soldi became the most streamed Eurovision song of all time later that year. It held the record until January 2021, when it was overtaken by Arcade by Duncan Laurence - the song that it had finished second to in Israel. 

12: Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One

Russia 2016 - 491 points

This song’s 491 points remains Russia’s highest ever points tally at the Eurovision Song Contest. Sergey returned to the Contest in 2019 with Scream. His second entry matched You Are The Only One’s placing of third, and its points ended up at 370; Russia’s second-highest Grand Final score at the Contest.

11: Duncan Laurence - Arcade

Netherlands 2019 - 498 points

In August 2023, Duncan’s Eurovision Song Contest winner for Netherlands, Arcade, became the first Eurovision song to cross the billion-streams mark on Spotify. 

Arcade also enjoyed the honour of being the first Eurovision song in 25 years to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States back in 2021, where it peaked at number 30.


10: Barbara Pravi - Voilà

France 2021 - 499 points

Voilà's runner-up status in Rotterdam remains France’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest in over three decades; since Amina also earned a second-place finish at the 1991 Contest with C'est Le Dernier Qui a Parlé Qui a Raison.

09: Dami Im - Sound of Silence

Australia 2016 - 511 points 

At the 2016 Contest, while Europe was voting for Sound of Silence into its eventual second-place finish (Australia’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest), Justin Timberlake was performing Can’t Stop The Feeling from the Trolls film. For the Australian release of the movie, Dami Im was actually one of the cast of voice actors!

08: Måneskin - Zitti e Buoni

Italy 2021 - 524 points

Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Italy in 2021, Måneskin have gone on to achieve huge success across the globe. The band’s popularity has continued into 2023; with the foursome having been nominated as Best New Artist at this year’s Grammy Awards in the US. 


07: Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha

Finland 2023 - 526 points

Cha Cha Cha finished runner-up in Liverpool in May, but the song has already surged in popularity enough to become the most streamed Finnish-language song of all time on Spotify. It also became the first ever Finnish-language song to reach the Top 10 of the UK singles chart, where it peaked at number 6 in May. 

If that's not crazy, and if that's not party, then we don't know what is! 

06: Netta - Toy

Israel 2018 - 529 points

Toy was Israel’s 4th victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, and its mammoth points tally of 529 is higher than the final scores of Israel’s other three Eurovision winners combined; A-Ba-Ni-Bi from 1978, Hallelujah from 1979 and Diva from 1998.

05: Jamala - 1944

Ukraine 2016 - 534 points

The result of the Ukrainian Eurovision pre-selection in 2016 was actually a tie, with 1944 sharing the same score as Helpless by The Hardkiss (1944 was awarded the win due to it receiving the highest score of the two from the televote).

When Liverpool hosted the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Ukraine in 2023, Julia Sanina from The Hardkiss was one of the presenters of the live shows, while Jamala performed as part of the flag parade at the start of the Grand Final.

04: Loreen - Tattoo

Sweden 2023 - 583 points

Since its Eurovision Song Contest win in Liverpool in May, Tattoo has spent 148 days on the Global Spotify Top 200 chart (and still counting) and has already become the 5th-most streamed Eurovision song of all time on the platform (and still climbing!).

Loreen’s much-anticipated follow-up single Is It Love comes out on Friday 13 October. 

03: Kristian Kostov - Beautiful Mess

Bulgaria 2017 - 615 points

Its second-place finish in Kyiv puts Beautiful Mess as Bulgaria’s best result to date at the Eurovision Song Contest, from the 14 participations we've enjoyed from the country. 


02: Kalush Orchestra - Stefania

Ukraine 2022 - 631 points

Amongst Stefania’s Eurovision winning score of 631 is the 439 points received from the televote; the most televoting points received in the Contest's history to date. In Turin, Ukraine was just 29 points shy of achieving the highest possible score from the televoting.

01: Salvador Sobral - Amar Pelos Dois

Portugal 2017 - 758 points

In 2017, Amar Pelos Dois gave Portugal its very first victory after 53 years of participation, the longest a country has ever had to wait for victory in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. But it took that win in style - with a record-breaking (and holding!) score.

Its points tally is so huge that even if you were to add up the total number of points earned during all other Portuguese Grand Final appearances in the 25 Eurovision Song Contests that have taken place between 1997 and 2023, the number is still eclipsed by the 758 that Amar Pelos Dois achieved. That's history right there! 


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