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Watch Now #EurovisionAgain: Malmö 1992

21 August 2021 at 20:45 CEST
Eurovision Song Contest 1992 in Malmö
#EurovisionAgain has returned with the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest, hosted by Malmö. Fans can watch together via a live YouTube premiere from 21:00 CEST on Saturday 21 August or view the show after it has broadcast on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel, courtesy of SVT.

Watch: Eurovision Song Contest 1992 in Malmö, Sweden

The 37th Eurovision Song Contest: Malmö 1992

  1. 🇪🇸 SPAIN: Serafín – Todo esto es la música (Music Is All This)
  2. 🇧🇪 BELGIUM: Morgane – Nous, on veut des violons (We Want Violins)
  3. 🇮🇱 ISRAEL: Dafna Dekel – Ze Rak Sport (זה רק ספורט) (It’s Just Sport)
  4. 🇹🇷 TURKEY: Aylin Vatankoş – Yaz Bitti (Summer is OVER)
  5. 🇬🇷 GREECE: Cleopatra – Olou Tou Kosmou I Elpida (Όλου του κόσμου η Ελπίδα) (The Whole World’s Hope)
  6. 🇫🇷 FRANCE: Kali – Monté la riviè (Go Up The River)
  7. 🇸🇪 SWEDEN: Christier Björkman – I morgon är en annan dag (Tomorrow Is Another Day)
  8. 🇵🇹 PORTUGAL: Dina – Amor d’água fresca (Freshwater Love)
  9. 🇨🇾 CYPRUS: Avridiki – Teriazoume (Ταιριάζουμε) (We’re Alike)
  10. 🇲🇹 MALTA: Mary Spiteri – Little Child
  11. 🇮🇸 ICELAND: Heart 2 Heart – Nei eða já (No or Yes?)
  12. 🇫🇮 FINLAND: Pave Maijanen – Yamma, Yamma
  13. 🇨🇭 SWITZERLAND: Daisy Auvray – Mister Music Man
  14. 🇱🇺 LUXEMBOURG: Marion Welter & Kontinent – Sou fräi (So Free)
  15. 🇦🇹 AUSTRIA: Tony Wegas – Zusammen geh’n (Go Together)
  16. 🇬🇧 UNITED KINGDOM: Michael Ball – One Step Out of Time
  17. 🇮🇪 IRELAND: Linda Martin – Why Me?
  18. 🇩🇰 DENMARK: Kenny Lübcke & Lotte Nilsson – Alt det som ingen ser (All The Things That Nobody Sees)
  19. 🇮🇹 ITALY: Mia Martini – Rapsodia (Rhapsody)
  20. ⭐️ YUGOSLAVIA: Extra Nena – Ljubim te pesmama (Љубим те песмама) (I’m Kissing You With Songs)
  21. 🇳🇴 NORWAY: Merethe Trøan – Visjoner (Visions)
  22. 🇩🇪 GERMANY: Wind – Träume sind für alle da (Dreams Are There For Everyone)
  23. 🇳🇱 THE NETHERLANDS: Humphrey Campbell – Wijs me de weg (Open Your Eyes)

The full Eurovision Song Contest 1992 results.

Spoilers ahead…

Our hosts for this evening: Lydia Capolicchio and Harald Treutiger

'The Greatest Game Show in the World!'

Welcome to Sweden and our venue for tonight: Malmö ​​Isstadion! Home of the local ice hockey team, the Group C matches of the 2016 European Women’s Handball Championship and, of course, the 37th Eurovision Song Contest!

Placing a Eurovision figurehead on the bow of your ship is an old Viking custom

The 1992 Contest was introduced by our hosts (Lydia Capolicchio and Harald Treutiger) as ‘the greatest game show in the world!’ – we don’t necessarily agree with the ‘game show’ part of that description but it certainly was the greatest Eurovision at the time. A record 23 countries took part, with only Morocco and Monaco staying at home.

It also marked the last time we saw Yugoslavia take to the stage.

Diva to diva: Carola hands Linda Martin the 1992 trophy

Linda Martin won the Contest with Why Me?, written and composed by Johnny Logan, marking his third win; as a performer in 1980, songwriter and performer in 1987 and songwriter in 1992.

The United Kingdom secured their 13th second place finish with One Step Out of Time by Michael Ball, while Malta took third as Mary Spiteri cemented the island nation’s best result (at the time) with Little Child.

The party gets going with Dafna Dekel’s uptempo number 'Ze Rak Sport’

Dafna Dekel would take 6th place for Israel and would later go on to host the 1999 Contest in Jerusalem. We caught up with Dafna ahead of #EurovisionAgain to reminisce about Malmö.

Watch: Israel’s Dafna Dekel reminisces about the 1992 and 1999 Contests

Other familiar faces include the German group Wind (their third participation following 1985 and 1987), Mia Martini (Italy 1977) and Sigga from Iceland’s Heart 2 Heart (part of Stjórnin in 1990).

Heart 2 Heart gave Iceland their second best placing at the time

There’s also an appearance from Melodifestivalen mastermind Christer Björkman. His song I morgon är en annan dag (Tomorrow Is Another Day) earned the host nation 9 points: 1 from France and 4 from both Denmark and Yugoslavia.

In fairness, Christer Björkman has delivered many great results for Sweden since 1992

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