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Watch Now #EurovisionAgain: London 1968 🇬🇧

18 September 2021 at 20:45 CEST
#EurovisionAgain has returned with the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, from the Royal Albert Hall, London. Fans can watch together via a live YouTube premiere from 21:00 CEST on Saturday 18 September or view the show after it has broadcast on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel, courtesy of the BBC.

Watch: Eurovision Song Contest 1968 in London, United Kingdom.

Katie Boyle, host of the 1960, 1963, 1968 and 1974 Eurovision Song Contests
  1. PORTUGAL 🇵🇹: Carlos Mendes – Verão (Summer)
  2. NETHERLANDS 🇳🇱: Ronnie Tober – Morgen (Tomorrow)
  3. BELGIUM 🇧🇪: Claude Lombard – Quand tu Reviendras (You Come Back)
  4. AUSTRIA 🇦🇹: Karel Gott – Tausend Fenster (Thousands of Windows)
  5. LUXEMBOURG 🇱🇺: Chris Baldo and Sophie Garel – Nous Vivrons d’Amour (We Will Live By Love)
  6. SWITZERLAND 🇨🇭: Gianni Mascolo – Guardando il Sole (Looking Into The Sun)
  7. MONACO 🇲🇨: Line and Willy: À Chacun Sa Chanson (To Each Their Song)
  8. SWEDEN 🇸🇪: Claes-Göran Hederström – Det Börjar Verka Kärlek, Banne Mig (It’s Beginning to Look Like Love, Damn It!)
  9. FINLAND 🇫🇮: Kristina Hautala – Kun Kello Käy (When Time Goes By)
  10. FRANCE 🇫🇷: Isabelle Aubret – La Source (The Spring)
  11. ITALY 🇮🇹: Sergio Endrigo – Marianne
  12. UNITED KINGDOM 🇬🇧: Cliff Richard – Congratulations
  13. NORWAY 🇳🇴: Odd Børre – Stress
  14. IRELAND 🇮🇪: Pat McGuigan – Chance of a Lifetime
  15. SPAIN 🇪🇸: Massiel – La La La
  16. GERMANY 🇩🇪: Wenche Mehre – Ein Hoch der Liebe (A Toast to Love)
  17. YUGOSLAVIA ⭐️: Luci Capurso and Hamo Hajdarhodžić – Jedan Dan (One Day)

The full Eurovision Song Contest 1968 results.

Spoilers ahead…

Finland’s Kristina Hautala taking full advantage of the colour broadcast

The 13th Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Royal Albert Hall, London, at the height of the swingin’ sixties – which is why more than one of the acts bears a passing resemblance to Austin Powers.

'Oh behave’, Cliff

Katie Boyle is our presenter for the evening, hosting her third of four Contests and the first to be broadcast in colour! Lucky viewers in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland could watch the acts in vivid technicolour… so long as they had a colour TV.

Ireland’s Pat McGuigan doing Jacques Houdek before he’d even been born

The United Kingdom’s Cliff Richard was hot favourite to win the show with an uptempo schlager classic, but ‘congratulations’ were reserved for Spain’s Massiel who beat the Brit by one point with the song La, La, La.

Congratulations went to Massiel for the most iconic 'La, La, La’ until Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out of My Head

The 1968 Contest will remain on the official Eurovision YouTube channel for a month, so make sure you brush up on your Contest history and watch it before it disappears.

'60s fashions hadn’t caught on all over Europe

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