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Eurovision Village: Full line-up and schedule revealed

07 May 2022 at 10:30 CEST
Parco del Valentino, Turin, will host the Eurovision Village
Ahead of the opening of its gates between Saturday 7 May and Saturday 14 May, the Eurovision Village has announced its line-up of entertainment for the week leading up to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Included in the schedule are a whole host of Contest artists old and new.
Eurovision Village host Ilaria Fratoni

The beautiful Parco del Valentino in Turin will play host to the Eurovision Village while this year’s Contest takes place in the Italian city.

Free and open to everybody, the Eurovision Village has come up with a programme of performances that will offer something of interest to everyone.

As well as a selection of Eurovision artists (current and former) and local acts, the Eurovision Village is also a place where visitors to Turin, as well those who live there, can come and enjoy live screenings of the three shows in the company of like-minded fans of the Contest.

Eurovision Village host Mario Acampa

Every day from 17:00 CEST, the stage will be filled with a selection of over 200 performers and speakers, ensuring that a visit to the Parco del Valentino will be an unmissable prospect for anyone in Turin during Eurovision week.

The week-long schedule of events will be hosted by Ilaria Fratoni and Mario Acampa. And this is the programme of entertainment they have lined up for us:

Artists and times are subject to change. The official website of the City of Turin can be checked for updates.

Saturday 07 May: Opening Day

Moldovas Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers EBU / Corinne Cumming

17.00 Greetings + introduction

17.30 Lidia Maksymowicz

17.45 Giovani Cantori di Torino peace choir

18.25 Michelle David & The True Tones

19.00 Symbolic Handover – with Stefano Lo Russo, Mayor of Torino

19.20 Dutch Nazari + Cimini + Alessandro Burbank

20.30 Emerging musician: G Pillola

21.00 Eurovision Slot:

  • Marius Bear (Switzerland)
  • Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers (Moldova)
  • LPS (Slovenia)
  • Vladana (Montenegro)

22.15 Tun + Dub FX + Cmqmartina (Cmqmartina in collaboration with Apolide Festival)

Sunday 08 May: Queer Sunday

Israel’s Michael Ben David EBU / Corinne Cumming

17.00 Gates open + introduction.

Guest Announcer: Ava Hangar in collaboration with Apolide Festival

17.15 Karma B

17.55 Cristina D’Avena + Gem Boy

19.15 Emerging musician Elasi + Dj Set Poche CLTV

20.25 Federico Sacchi, Musicteller

20.40 Emerging musician: Queen of Saba (in collaboration with con Sofà so Good)

21.10 DJ set by Giorgio Valletta

21.40 Eurovision slot:

  • Michael Ben David (Israel)
  • Nadir Rustamli (Azerbaijan)
  • Mia Dimšić (Croatia)

22.35 BlueBeaters + Stato Sociale

Monday 09 May Europe Day: EU #StandWithUkraine

Serbia’s Konstrakta EBU / Corinne Cumming

In collaboration with European Commission and European Parliament

17.00 Gates open + introduction.

17.10 Fabrizio Sandretto piano solo

17.25 Yaryna Grusha Possamai

17.45 Red Cross speech, Francesco Taskayali piano solo

18.15 Legno

19.00 Slava

19.25 Pina Picierno speech, European Parliament Vice President

19.45 Melancholia + Little Pieces of Marmelade (powered by Cap 10100)

20.35 European Commission speech – Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality

20.50 Eurovision slot

  • Malik Harris (Germany)
  • Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden)
  • Jérémie Makiese (Belgium)
  • Konstrakta (Serbia)

22.20 Negrita

Tuesday 10 May: Screening Day

Romania’s WRS EBU / Corinne Cumming

17.00 Gates open

17.15 Accademia dei Folli presents STOP! Suite per voce e orchestrina

17.45 Emerging musician: Lonely Blue (powered by Pagella non solo Rock)

18.20 Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, in collaboration European Commission and European Parliament: introduction by Massimo Gaudina and Nadiya Antentyk

19.15 Eurovision Slot

  • Circus Mircus (Georgia)
  • WRS (Romania)
  • Chanel (Spain)
  • Emma Muscat (Malta)

20.30 Screening of the First Semi-Final

Wednesday 11 May: Torino Calling

Ukraines Kalush Orchestra EBU / Corinne Cumming

17.00 Gates open

17.05 Fellow piano solo + winner ToVision contest (high school contest)

17.35 Canta fino a dieci (powered by Goodness Factory)

18.10 Ensi presents Torino State of Mind:


19.20 Road To Redbull Bc One: Breaking dance from Torino to N.Y

20.00 Federico Sacchi, Musicteller

20.15 Bandakadabra feat. Johnson Righeira and Bianco

21.15 Eurovision slot

  • Alvan & Ahez (France)
  • Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine)
  • Subwoolfer (Norway)

22.10 Emerging musician: Paloma

22.40 Motel Connection feat Ginevra

Thursday 12 May: Screening Day

Senhit of San Marino SMRTV

17.00 Gates open

17.15 Emerging musician: Est Egò (powered by Stati Generali Del Rock – Arezzo Wave)

17.55 Sinplus

18.10 Senhit

18.25 Eurovision Open Stage

Open corner for Eurovision participants of the past

19.15 TikTok Extra Stage

The TikTok Extra Stage brings extra performances, surprises and excitement to the Eurovision Fan Village.

20.30 Screening of the Second Semi-Final

Friday 13 May: World Music

Parco del Valentino, Turin, will host the Eurovision Village

17.00 Gates open

17.15 Kakawa

17.55 Invictus Band (powered by Sofà so Good)

18.35 Federico Sacchi – Musicteller

18.50 Alessio Bondì

19.10 The Sweet Life Society + Roy Paci + Too Many T’s. Dance by Edeen entertainment

20.30 Shorty + Beba (powered by Sweet Life Society)

22.40 Mace DJ set powered by Lavazza ¡Tierra!

Saturday 14 May: Screening Day

The stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 EBU / Nathan Reinds

17.00 Gates open

17.15 Historiae – in collaboration with Regione Basilicata

Pythagoras, Horace and Frederick II – the three pillars of western culture – are illustrated through theatre, dance and images of an ancient, unspoilt, fascinating, poetic and timeless land.

18.00 Robert Schumann: Quartetto op. 41 n. 1 In collaboration with Conservatorio Statale di Musica Giuseppe Verdi di Torino – Luca Madeddu and Gaia Sereno, violin, Rebecca Scuderi, viola, Mitja Liboni, cello.

18.45 #Estratto4

From GELSOMINA DREAMS show by Caterina Mochi Sismondi. In collaboration with Compagnia blucinQue

19.20 Mack – S0NAX

20.30 Eurovision Song Contest Final

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