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17 January 2008 at 18:18 CET

Four quarter-finals and two semi-finals will take place in the lead up to the final of Eurosong 2008. After each quarter-final, the winner and the runner-up go to one of the two semi-finals. Each act that comes third and fourth can still get one of the two wildcards to the semi-finals. In each semi-final, five contestants will take part. The winner and the runner-up go to the final. The acts that come third and fourth in the semi-finals can still get one wildcard to the final. The wildcards will be given out by the jury.

Earlier, published the list of participants of Eurosong 2008.

On the 12th of January, esctv streamed the Cypriot national final. On the 2nd of February, we will switch live to Azerbaijan (18:00 CET) and Estonia (20:35 CET) for the national finals.