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15 January 2008 at 16:34 CET "Hello, Jørgen and Noller Olsen. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. How are you?"

Olsen Brothers: "Never felt better. A little busy but fine." "In 2005, you released a new album called Our New Songs. Can you sum up what it is that unites all of these songs? Is there a common theme?"

Olsen Brothers: "It’s just music as we write it … and we like it." "At the ages of eight and 12, you started your first band, The Kids. Which songs did you play then?"

Olsen Brothers: "Mainly covers of pop music from the time." "What was it like as two brothers starting a career together? Was it pure harmony or was there a bit of rivalry?"

Olsen Brothers: "Our parents played different instruments at home. So from our very early days, when we were about five and eight years old, we were singing and playing along with them. We never really had any rivalry between us." "Your first big success came with the musical Hair about New Age, free love and the threat of the Vietnam war. Is this the attitude to life that you grew up with?"

Olsen Brothers: "Yes, exactly." "You both have jobs in education. Apart from the facts and figures that you teach, which social skills do you want your students to learn?"

Olsen Brothers: "We don’t work as teachers anymore. We stopped doing that six or seven years ago. But we always wanted our pupils to grow up as good citizens, with an emphasis on fairness and love for other people." "Your musical career is closely linked to the Eurovision Song Contest and the Danish selection competition. What do you find so fascinating about the contest that has made you try to win it over and over again?"

Olsen Brothers: "We like the competition and, of course, it has given us a very good platform to present our music." "In the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest, opinion polls before the event didn’t give you a chance. What were your feelings prior to the show?"

Olsen Brothers: "That it was great to be part of this huge show. We were just enjoying our time in Stockholm. We did not expect any more from it." "A British bookmakers nearly went bankrupt after the song contest because they had taken bets on you as rank outsiders. How much money would you have bet on yourselves winning?"

Olsen Brothers: "Not a dime." "And how do you explain your clear, 40-point victory over second-placed Alsou from Russia?"

Olsen Brothers: "It was unbelievable, but wonderful." "In this year’s contest in Kyiv, Walters & Kazha, the Latvian participants, said that you were their role models. In their home country, they are known as ‘the young Olsen Brothers’. Does it make you proud that young artists are following in your footsteps?"

Olsen Brothers: "Definitely." "Looking back on almost 40 years on stage, what have you learned about success and failure?"

Olsen Brothers: "Keep your feet to the ground, either way." "And what does happiness mean to you?" 

Olsen Brothers: "…that our families are happy and in good health." "If you had the chance to start a new, would you do it all again?"

Olsen Brothers: "Definitely, yes!" "And one final question – ‘Fly on the Wings of Love’ was voted as one of the top 14 Eurovision songs ever by the users of Will you be participating in ‘Congratulations’, the 50th anniversary show in Copenhagen this October?"

Olsen Brothers: "Yes, we will. But the details are still a secret." "We wish you all the best. May all your dreams come true and thanks for this interview."