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15 January 2008 at 16:26 CET "Welcome back to the Eurovision Song Contest. What are your first impressions of the venue and the stage?"

Massiel: "Thank you. It feels good to be here. The stage is wonderful. I also like the lighting. And everyone is so nice around here." "You must have answered this question a hundred times: how did it feel when you were selected to represent Spain?"

Massiel: "I came back from a tour I was doing and had to go straight to the studio to record La La La in five languages. I didn’t have the time to prepare anything. What happened was so incredible. Today, you have the time to get prepared but I was so young and, well, I made it." "Would you like to return to the Eurovision Song Contest?" 

Massiel: "No, no, that’s not an option. For the last ten years, I haven’t been singing – just acting. I wouldn’t start singing again. "You are probably one of the most active artists having released around 50 albums. Do you still know all your songs by heart?"

Massiel: "I have to admit – no, actually, I only know a few. But I also had to learn a lot of theatre roles. I played everything from Cleopatra to Brecht. And I did films, too." "A standard question to all artists – what is your favourite Eurovision Song Contest song?"

Massiel: "Fly On The Wings Of Love by the Olsen Brothers is one I like a lot. Another one is Nocturne by the Norwegian group Secret Garden. And not forgetting Frida Boccara and of course Eres Tú." "Have you got an answer to the question as to why Spain, France, Germany and many others seem to have no chance of winning the contest these days?"

Massiel: "A good question – but I have no answer. I don’t know. I follow the contest and see a lot of wonderful songs." "Do you have a personal wish for the future?"

Massiel: "Hmm, I don’t know. I would like to be happy – that’s all." "We wish you all the best. Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow."