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Eurovision.tv meets Massiel

Posted 15 January 2008 at 15:26

Eurovision.tv: "Welcome back to the Eurovision Song Contest. What are your first impressions of the venue and the stage?"
Massiel: "Thank you. It feels good to be here. The stage is wonderful. I also like the lighting. And everyone is so nice around here."
Eurovision.tv: "You must have answered this question a hundred times: how did it feel when you were selected to represent Spain?"
Massiel: "I came back from a tour I was doing and had to go straight to the studio to record La La La in five languages. I didn’t have the time to prepare anything. What happened was so incredible. Today, you have the time to get prepared but I was so young and, well, I made it."
Eurovision.tv: "Would you like to return to the Eurovision Song Contest?"
Massiel: "No, no, that’s not an option. For the last ten years, I haven’t been singing – just acting. I wouldn’t start singing again.
Eurovision.tv: "You are probably one of the most active artists having released around 50 albums. Do you still know all your songs by heart?"
Massiel: "I have to admit – no, actually, I only know a few. But I also had to learn a lot of theatre roles. I played everything from Cleopatra to Brecht. And I did films, too."
Eurovision.tv: "A standard question to all artists – what is your favourite Eurovision Song Contest song?"
Massiel: "Fly On The Wings Of Love by the Olsen Brothers is one I like a lot. Another one is Nocturne by the Norwegian group Secret Garden. And not forgetting Frida Boccara and of course Eres Tú."
Eurovision.tv: "Have you got an answer to the question as to why Spain, France, Germany and many others seem to have no chance of winning the contest these days?"
Massiel: "A good question – but I have no answer. I don’t know. I follow the contest and see a lot of wonderful songs."
Eurovision.tv: "Do you have a personal wish for the future?"
Massiel: "Hmm, I don’t know. I would like to be happy – that’s all."
Eurovision.tv: "We wish you all the best. Enjoy your evening and see you tomorrow."
MassielEurovision.tv meets
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