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15 January 2008 at 16:27 CET "Marie, nice to meet you again. We briefly met in Turkey two years ago. How are you today?"

Marie Myriam: "I arrived today and feel fine. We came in here straight from the airport so I’m a bit tired. We all had to get up very early in the morning – at 5 o’clock! But the stage looks wonderful and, although the rehearsals are a bit behind schedule, that’s how it always is. This is normal. Actually, the Forum is very big. You could feel a bit lost." "You’re France’s last Eurovision Song Contest winner…"

Marie Myriam: "That’s right. I often ask myself why we haven’t been able to win since my entry. But I have no answer. I don’t know. Perhaps it’s our national attitude to it. My opinion is that you should do it well or not do it at all." "How has the Eurovision Song Contest changed your life?"

Marie Myriam: "It completely changed my life. Before the contest, I was unknown. Afterwards, it all was different. I travel a lot, I worked with a lot of famous art directors. Back in 1977, I couldn’t imagine what winning the Eurovision Song Contest would really mean. And I certainly didn’t expect to be the last entry from France to win for such a long time." During the Final in 1977, did you feel that you had a chance of winning or did it come as a complete surprise?

Marie Myriam: "I actually liked the UK entry Rock Bottom and would have chosen that one. But, of course, I liked my song. I just didn’t know what my voice sounded like to those who were deciding who would win. You know, in France even small children know my song. They learn it at school. It’s a song that is deep in my heart." "You visited the Eurovision Song Contest in Turkey and supported Jonatan Cerrada."

Marie Myriam: "Right, we met there. I was invited by French television." "Looking back, is the Eurovision Song Contest still the same as it was for you?"

Marie Myriam: "No, it has changed a lot. There is no live orchestra any more and everybody sings in English – except France, Monaco, Luxemburg – if they are still in it. For me, it looks like an MTV event for young people today. And so many Eastern European countries have come that they can influence the vote and affect the results of the show." "You will introduce Sertab Erener’s song in Congratulations". [In fact, saw the two meeting behind the scenes, hugging and laughing like good friends.]

Marie Myriam: "I love that song and I love Sertab Erener. When I heard her in Turkey, live on stage, I thought... Wow, what a wonderful singer." "What are you planning to do next?"

Marie Myriam: "On 8 November, there will be a big TV show for children. We will be collecting a lot of money for them. I will be their ‘godmother’ and present the project. And I will perform of course. I am also preparing new songs." "Can you tell us a bit more about that?"

Marie Myriam: "I like Brazilian songs and have recorded a lot of them. You know, I am very familiar with Portuguese. It’s for a very intimate voice. It will probably be ready for release in February, maybe in March…" "Depending on what?"

Marie Myriam: [laughs] "On my husband. He had an operation on his knee. And he has to recover first. At the moment, we’re always to and fro between home and the doctor’s." "Is your husband here with you?"

Marie Myriam: "No, he’s stayed in Paris." "Thanks so much for the interview. All the best to you!"