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At this very right moment, hundreds of technicians are building up the giant stage construction on the arena floor. Construction of the stage, 25 meters wide and 27 meters deep, is making good progress, and light riggers are working almost around the clock to get hundreds of lighting devices up in the ceiling. Some 72 tons of light equipment is being used to make each of the 43 participants of this year's 2008 Eurovision Song Contest look fantastic. 

Soon, preparations at the Sava Centre will also begin. The centre, a few kilometers eastwards from the venue, will be used as press centre. Decorations works across the city are also about to kick-off, bringing the Eurovision Song Contest to the centre of attention. 

The stage has been constructed by the UK-based company StageOne, which was also responsible for the stages of the 2006 and 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

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