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EXCLUSIVE: The trophy is in the house!

06 May 2017 at 17:00 CEST
Trophy 2017 Thomas Hanses
Since 2008, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest has been awarded this iconic glass microphone trophy. The commemorative award has now arrived at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Centre and in one week we will know who will be taking it home.

The official winning trophy of the Eurovision Song Contest is a hand-made piece of art in the shape of a microphone. It was designed by Kjell Engman from the official trophy supplier Kosta Boda, who specialize in glass art. The glass of the Eurovision trophy is also embedded with the flag of the host country, Ukraine.  

The trophy is handled with the utmost care and only select members of the Eurovision team are allowed to touch it. A breakage at this late stage would certainly cause a bit of a headache for the producers of the show!

The next time the trophy will be on the stage will be when it's in the hands of the next Eurovision Song Contest winner.