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Eurovision 2021: Top 10 Global Streams revealed! 👀

02 December 2021 at 18:00 CET
Måneskin, Efendi and Daði are some of the most successful Eurovision artists of all time
It’s that time of the year again! From Brighton to Baku, everyone is carefully considering and compiling their ‘top 10’s and ‘best of’ lists to share among friends in this season of giving.

We already know who won Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, and we publish our ‘Most Watched’ YouTube stats each month… but we were keen to see how our favourites fared across global streaming platforms.

📺 Watch: Top 10 Global On-Demand Audio Streams

The numbers crunchers at MRC Data have provided the list of the biggest Eurovision 2021 songs across all global, on-demand, audio streaming platforms*, and we’re extremely excited to share the top 10 with you now….

Top 10 most-streamed Eurovision 2021 entries globally…

Måneskin – Italy – Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 EBU / Andres Putting

1. Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni (299,200,000)

Could this year have gone any better for Måneskin, honestly? Not only have they won the Eurovision Song Contest, but they’ve secured number one singles across the world and are still breaking records.

Just last week, coinciding with their appearance on The Voice (United States), it was revealed that I Wanna Be Your Slave notched up a record-breaking 20th consecutive week at number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 Hard Rock Songs.

2. Go_A – Shum (61,800,000)

Go_A are enjoying immense success post-Eurovision, performing all over Europe and watching streams of their hit Shum rack up at a blistering rate.

Not bad for a track that underwent editing to bring it in line with the Contest’s 3 minute rule.

3. Blind Channel – Dark Side (45,700,000)

Ah, those loveable boys from Blind Channel are at number 3, firmly cementing 2021 as Eurovision’s ‘Year of Rock’.

Rock works for Finland! Lordi won the Contest with Hard Rock Hallelujah in 2006 and that victory aside, Dark Side achieved the best ‘Finnish finish’ since Marion Rung’s 6th place in 1973.

📺 Watch: LookLab Blind Channel – Finland 🇫🇮 with NikkieTutorials

4. Barbara Pravi – Voilà (43,900,000)

Another 2021 success story. Barbara may not have walked away with the Eurovision trophy but she did earn two Marcel Bezençon awards on the night.

Her star continues to shine with a top 10 album (On N’enferme Pas Les Oiseaux), an appearance at the French Open, and an upcoming performance at Junior Eurovision in Paris on Sunday 19 December.

5. Tusse – Voices (34,800,000)

Fan favourite Tusse continues to delight audiences across the globe, and has just released a festive single called This Is Our Christmas Song.

6. Elena Tsagrinou – El Diablo (33,700,000)

Elena built on Cypriot success at the Eurovision Song Contest with her dance floor banger El Diablo.

7. Daði Freyr – 10 Years (29,100,000)

One of the most popular Eurovision participants of recent years, Daði managed to sell out a world tour before reaching Rotterdam in May.

📺 Watch: 10 Years – Daði & Gagnamagnið (Official Video)

Gjon’s Tears – Tout L’Univers (26,500,000)

One of two fantastic French language entries in the Top 3 at Eurovision this year. Alongside his Marcel Bezençon award, he also won ‘Best Swiss Act’ at the MTV EMAs.

📺 Watch: Gjon’s Tears – Behind The Scenes at Eurovision 2021

Gjon’s working on his debut album, which we hope to hear in the new year.

9. Tix – Fallen Angel (22,400,000)

One of the most inspirational acts to ever grace the Eurovision stage; TIX came with a message of love and acceptance, of overcoming adversity, and all while wearing a gigantic set of angel wings.

The streaming numbers speak for themselves.

10. Efendi – Mata Hari (21,700,000)

It’s not unusual to find TIX and Efendi in close proximity! Rumours regarding their relationship in Rotterdam rumbled on throughout show week, so it’s great to see them both together in rounding off the Top 10.

Source: MRC Data, Total Global On-Demand Audio Streams (2021 to 25 November 2021)

* Amazon, Apple, Audiomack, Napster/Rhapsody, Pandora, Qobuz, SoundCloud, Spotify, TIDAL, YouTube Audio, Others (MediaNet, MyMixTapez, Slacker).

Who’s in your personal Top 10? Let us know via the official Eurovision Song Contest Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook channels.