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Loreen won the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the song Euphoria
Loreen, Swedish winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012
Photo: Andres Putting

Eurovision this decade: the results

10 stages, 10 themes, 10 host cities, 30 hosts and 408 songs. As we reach the end of another decade, let's look back at the iconic and stand-out results the Eurovision Song Contest brought us from 2010 to 2019.

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The first win of the decade

The first Eurovision Song Contest of the decade took place in Oslo, where Lena from Germany was the first representative of a Big 5 country to win since the introduction of Semi-Finals into the Contest.

Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 with 'Satellite'. (© null)

39 countries took part in the 2010 contest, which was produced under the slogan Share the Moment; it was Lena from Germany who took the prize home that year with her song Satellite. Germany hadn't won the Contest since Nicole took the trophy with Ein Bisschen Frieden.

Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 with 'Ein Bisschen Frieden'. (© null)

Portugal and Azerbaijan's first time

Portugal and Azerbaijan won their first-ever Eurovision Song Contest this decade. Germany, Austria and Ukraine recorded their second victory, Denmark their third, Israel their fourth and the Netherlands their fifth victory.

Ell and Nikki won the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 for Azerbaijan (© Alain Douit (EBU))

Sweden's success

It was also a big decade for Sweden; apart from the Big 5 (who are always present in the final), Sweden has the longest record of being present in Grand Final - 9 years in a row!

Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku with 'Euphoria' (© Andres Putting)

Sweden won the contest twice this decade, bringing their total to 6 victories. Only 1 win away from matching Ireland’s 7 victories, Sweden has the best result this decade with the most top 5 positions and the most points overall.

The Netherlands make their comeback

This decade was notably a turn-around for the most recent winner of the contest, the Netherlands. After not qualifying for 8 years, Anouk reached the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö. After that, the Dutch have only been absent from the Grand Final once, in 2015.

Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 for the Netherlands (© Andres Putting)

The best-ever results

All in all, 46 countries participated in the Eurovision Song Contest this decade. Apart from the winners, these countries reached their best-ever result:

  • San Marino (2019): 19th

  • Montenegro (2015): 13th

  • Georgia (2010): 9th

  • North Macedonia (2019): 7th

  • Czech Republic (2018): 6th

  • Albania (2012): 5th

  • Moldova (2017): 3rd

  • Romania (2010): 3rd

  • Australia (2016): 2nd

  • Bulgaria (2017): 2nd

  • Cyprus (2018): 2nd

Australia's Dami Im on stage in 2016. She placed 2nd overall. (© Anna Velikova (EBU))

Stay tuned for the next episode of Eurovision this decade where we look back on the hosts of the last 10 Contests.

Which is the stand-out result for you this decade? Let us know in the comments!

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