Eurovision stars snatch awards all over Europe

At the Balkan Music Awards, some former Eurovision Song Contest participants snatched the top prizes.

The runner-up of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, maNga from Turkey won the award for Best Music Group and in the public vote for Best Performers by country, Aurela Gaçe won with the song Origjinale. She represented Albania this year in Düsseldof with the song Feel The Passion.

In the same vote, the 2005 winner of the contest also won the prize in Greece and Elena Risteska from FYR Macedonia did the same in her own country. The latter represented FYR Macedonia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. 

Dima Bilan keeps collecting prizes

Dima Bilan, the winner of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, was once again chosen to be the Best Male Vocalist at the Muz-TV awards.

By the way, the winner's of this year's Europe's favourite TV-show, Ell/Nikki also performed at that award ceremony with their full act of the winning entry Running Scared

Annual Muz-TV music awards is presented to Russian pop musicians since 2003. For each nominations, three nominees are chosen by the channel's jury, and then nominees are voted via SMS.

Awards are presented on the show in Olimpiysky, the same place where the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest took place.

To date, Dima Bilan and VIA Gra (its former member Svetlana Loboda represented Ukraine in 2008 at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Be My Valentine (Anti-crisis Girl)) hold the record of eight & seven awards, and keep being nominated every year. 

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