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Eurovision stars gather in Portuguese fan event

03 September 2010 at 15:16 CEST


Now the organisers have launched the full list of artists who will come to Setúbal in Portugal to perform at the event, scheduled to be held on the 11th of September.

One of the main stars of the gathering is the youngest ever winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Sandra Kim. She was just 13 when she won for Belgium in 1986 with the song J'aime La Vie. The singer will arrive in Portugal on Thursday, 8th of September.

The other stars, connected to Europe's favourite TV-show, who will appear before fans are Jakob Sveistrup (represented Denmark in 2005), Karolina Gocheva (FYR Macedonia in 2002 and 2007), Hanna Pakarinen (Finland in 2007 on home soil), Hera Björk (Iceland in 2010), Michael von der Heide (Switzerland, 2010), Mihai Trăistariu (Romania, 2006), Anabel Conde (Spain, 1995), Filipa Azevedo (Portugal, 2010), Friðrik Ómar (member of Euroband which represented Iceland in 2008), Nucha (Portugal, 1990) and Pedro Madeira who represented Portugal at the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 

More singers who have participated in the national finals for the Eurovision Song Contest have agreed to appear at the event too. Namely, Coral Segovia (Spain in 2008 and 2010), Mosky (Spain in 2010)  Vanessa (Portugal in 2007, 2008 and 2010) as well as Filipe Delgado, DENNISA and Ouro, who took part in the 2010 Portuguese national final.

Also, you can check out the promotional video of the event below.


It's the second edition of one of the biggest Eurovision Song Contest fan events in the world, following a tremendous success of last year's show.