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Eurovision stage director: No idea is too big!

23 December 2013 at 16:03 CET

"I hope that we will receive ideas that we are have not thought of in our wildest imagination. There are no ideas that are too big," says Kenneth Kreutzmann, the stage director of this year’s show.

Two elephants enter the stage with the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest star Carola riding one of them, while ten acrobats are lowered from the ceiling of glittering costumes that suddenly ignite. The scenario sounds completely crazy, but it can become a reality at the Eurovision Song Contest next year.

"We want to do a segment which is born out of the viewers' ideas. We use the most original, craziest and most beautiful ideas from all over Europe and from it we will create a wildly beautiful show which I 'm sure will surprise most," the stage director says.

How you can help:

  1. Think of an idea for the ultimate interval act for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest
  2. Share your idea on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - and use the hashtag #MyEurovisionIdea
  3. Remember that your status on Facebook to be public, and your privacy settings must be set to public on Instagram, so DR can see your suggestion
  4. The most amazing ideas become reality on TV in May 2014!

You can send in your ideas till the 31st of January. You can also read how it works exactly on

No ideas are too big

Kenneth Kreutzmann has been a director of numerous plays and musicals but he has never tried to create a show based on ideas that fly in from all over Europe.

"I hope that this comes with some ideas that we are not in our wildest imagination could think of. There are no ideas that are too large or too small. But it is clear that the more creative, spectacular, fun and crazy the better," he adds.