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Eurovision songs in the charts

01 June 2013 at 21:46 CEST

The appearance in the charts of the Eurovision Song Contest entries begins when the songs are chosen in their countries. Then as the dates of the contest approach, the compilation album is released internationally giving new chart life to the songs, especially thanks to the new download platforms. And finally right after the contest, and even now, several days after, we're glad to witness the performance of many of the songs in a lot of music charts around the world.

The compilation album

Since the 2000 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, a compilation album with the participating songs is released in most countries. The 2013 double CD/download album is one of the most succesful to date with peaks inside the Top 10 in most countries where it's been released, most notably in the UK, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and number one in Sweden and Norway. It's also reached the Top 20 in Australia.

You can download the whole album, the karaoke album or the individual entries/karaoke versions in our music shop.

The winner's success

It's not a surprise that the winning entry gets the highest placings in the charts. Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest has of course topped the Danish charts. It had peaked at number 2 when chosen in Denmark back in January but has made its way to number 1, where it remains, since it won the international competition and has already been certified gold.

In several other countries like Greece, Sweden or Germany it has also topped the digital/download charts making the official singles Top 5 there and also in The Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

In Spain, Austria and Norway it has climbed its way to the Top 10 so far. In the UK and Belgium inside the Top 15, Finland in the Top 20 and it has also entered the Australian singles chart at number 47.

Emmelie's album, which has the same title as her Eurovision winner, landed inside the Danish Top 5 and has also started to appear in some international markets like France and Sweden.

Class of 2013: A great mix

The fact that about half of this year's entries have made it to the charts in other countries than their own speaks for itself. That's the case with all the songs that finished inside the Top 10. Among them Margaret Berger's I Feed You My Love, which finished 4th for Norway, has appeared in the charts of more than ten countries, including number 24 in Germany and number 1 in the Swedish download charts.

The other songs in the Top 6, Hold Me, Gravity, What If and Alcohol Is Free have also made it to international charts but bigger success is found for the entries of Italy, Malta, The Netherlands and Hungary: L'Essenziale has been a longtime number 1 in Italy and has reached multi-platinum status there while charting in six other countries. Marco Mengoni's album #prontoacorrere is equally successful.

Gianluca placed 8th in the contest and even if it's not Malta's best result at the competition, the song Tomorrow is their most successful entry commercially, even landing in the UK Top 75. Anouk made The Netherlands proud when Birds reached the Final for them and even managed to rank inside the Top 10. She is now rewarded with a double domestic number 1 in both the singles and the albums charts and a rising success in eight other countries, including the German Top 50. Her album Sad Singalong Songs is certified platinum and it's also found in the Belgian and German charts.

The last song in the Top 10, Kedvesem, has given ByeAlex a huge number 1 success at home in Hungary, but also managed to chart in nine other countries including the German, Swiss and Dutch Top 40. And we can go on in the Top 15 with Roberto Bellarosa's Love Kills from Belgium hitting in five countries or Sweden's You by Robin Stjernberg which has charted in the UK and German Top 75 and higher positions in six other countries, not to mention a big #1 in Sweden.

Also if we look outside the Top 15 songs in the Final of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, we find songs that make an international impact. Iceland's Ég Á Lif has also hit number 1 at home and Eythor has landed in four other countries charts. Cascada's Glorious was a top 10 at home in Germany and found success in at least six other countries, just like Finland's Krista Siegfrids with Marry Me. Even the song that closed the ranking in the Final has had some success outside Ireland as Only Love Survives by Ryan Dolan has entered charts in Belgium, Sweden and the UK.