Eurovision Song Contest stars compete at the EMAs

Dima Bilan, the winner of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, is fighting for the honour of winning the prize of the Russian Act which he already won last year. Also Sergey Lazarev, who was in close race with Bilan at the Russian national selection, has again his eyes on the same prize.

Another Eurovision Song Contest artist competing is Laka who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina with Pokusaj this year and achieved the 10th place. This time the prize of the Adria Act is on his mind.

Besides those acts, some national finals' performers are nominated for the regional prizes as well: La Casa Azul (Spain) and Morandi & Andra (Romania). Kerli, who took part in the 2004 Estonian national selection Eurolaul, is nominated for the Baltic Act.

The 2008 MTV European Music Awards takes place on November 6 in Liverpool, the UK.

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