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Eurovision Song Contest shows the Netherlands in 41 introductory films

01 December 2020 at 08:00 CET
A 'Tiny House' in the Dutch landscape IDTV
In line with the theme Open Up, the Core Team of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 are calling on the Dutch community to come up with unique locations where the postcards - the short introductory films between songs that introduce the 41 participants - can be recorded.

Last year, there was a search for groups and associations to welcome a Eurovision artist for the postcard concept. Because it is uncertain at the moment whether artists will be able to travel to the Netherlands to record the postcard in person, the Core Team has now opted for a different concept.

This year, the artists will be presented to the public through images shot in their own country. "We show these images on the framework of a so-called 'tiny house'. We set up that house in different places in the Netherlands that suit the artist so that we get to know them well," says Head of Show, Gerben Bakker.

Open up to the world

"The house is a central theme, precisely because our living rooms have never been more important than this year. And at the same time, we open up our home to the rest of the world. And for these tiny houses, we are looking for unique locations in the Netherlands; the most beautiful and special places in our country that we can portray spectacularly."

The organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest are looking for photogenic places, preferably in the open air. "The locations may be well-known locations, but we are certainly open to the as yet undiscovered gems that our country has to offer," Gerben added. "Because the recordings will be shot wide and big, we must have enough space around the house to be able to place it and film it."

These locations are preferably registered by the municipality or the region itself. Submissions of private property are welcome, but proposals submitted in conjunction with the municipality are more likely to be chosen. "So, surprise us and register so that you can show your unique spot to 180 million TV viewers throughout Europe," Bakker concludes.

How to register

Municipalities or regions that are interested in being part of one of the postcards can register via Registration is open until 31 December 2020. The recording will take place in March and April, and the videos will be produced by TV producer IDTV on behalf of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.