Eurovision Song Contest heroes on stamps!

As part of Posten Norge's series of stamps dedicated to Norwegian popular music, a new series of Melodi Grand Prix stamps has been revealed, paying homage to some of Norway's past Eurovision entries.

It has already been decided that the first three stamps will bear the images of Norway's Eurovision Song Contest winners, Bobbysocks, who won the contest in Gothenburg in 1985; Secret Garden, who took the top prize in Dublin in 1995 and Alexander Rybak, who won a landslide victory in Moscow earlier this year. The artist to appear on the final stamp will be decided in cooperation with next year's host broadcaster, NRK, who are organising an online competition. By nominating an artist, voters will automatically be entered into a draw to win tickets to the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, which is being held at the Telenor Arena in Bærum on 29th of May.

All of Norway's past entries including Jahn Teigen, Britt Synnøve Johansen, Elisabeth Andreassen, Wig Wam, Maria Haukaas Storeng and Anita Skorgan can be voted for.

Posten Norge is the latest in a series of Norwegian companies who are jumping on the Eurovision bandwagon, in reponse to the contest being held in Oslo next year.


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