Eurovision Song Contest app launched!

The app provides news updates, photos and videos 365 days a year, and allows users to download their favourite songs of this year's contest. A highlight is the app's second-screen functionality, providing viewers with live updates during the shows about the contestants, their songs, opening- and interval acts, as well as the results.

After all songs have been performed, you can vote for your favourites via telephone and SMS, as well as via the app. Your vote via the official app will be rewarded with a video response message from the contestant backstage.

"With this app, we bring the Eurovision Song Contest closer to the viewer than ever before, adding a new dimension to viewing and voting," says Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor for the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the EBU.

The EBU worked with Member Broadcasters in Sweden (SVT), Germany (NDR) and the Netherlands (TROS) too, besides English, offer the app in Swedish, German and Dutch. In the future, the EBU expects to offer the app in more languages.

For more information and to download the app, visit

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