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Johnny Logan
Ireland's Johnny Logan at the Eurovision Song Contest
Photo: EBU

Eurovision sing-a-long with Johnny Logan's 'What's Another Year'

On 31 March, we announced that Dutch Members NPO, NOS and AVROTROS are producing a new show, 'Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light', to air in place of the Grand Final on Saturday 16 May at 21:00 CEST. For this special show, we are looking for Eurovision fans who can help bring an unforgettable sing-a-long moment to the screen. We want to form a huge Eurovision choir and sing Johnny Logan's 'What's Another Year' together. Perhaps you'll see yourself singing in an internationally televised broadcast!

Johnny Logan won the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, hosted in The Hague, the Netherlands, with his famous song, What's Another Year, securing Ireland’s second victory.

The song reached Number One in 7 countries and went Top 10 in 5 more.

Johnny Logan, who later became known as "Mr. Eurovision", went on to secure Ireland's third victory with Hold Me Now in 1987 and write Linda Martin’s winning entry, Why Me, in 1992. The Australian-born singer, who only became an Irish citizen after he sang for Ireland in the 1980 Contest, has had numerous hits and television appearances across Europe.

How can you participate?

Make yourself Eurovision-ready! Get dressed in your best Eurovision outfit, decorate the room where you will film with flags and props to give it that Eurovision-feel and record yourself singing to Johnny Logan's What's Another Year in full.

Make sure that it is a recording of the entire song – including waving your arms at the chorus! You can find the lyrics below.

The deadline to submit your video recording is Friday 24 April 2020.

Technical video specifications

  • Use the device 16:9, horizontal/landscape;

  • Record in 1920 x 1080 HD;

  • Use the latest device possible with a tripod, or on a steady base;

  • Submit the files in Quicktime / MOV format (your device should do this automatically);

  • Ensure you are well lit by a window or a light near your device;

  • Send the file in the highest resolution via Wetransfer to [email protected] (alternatively via Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Dropbox);

  • Include your name, country, age(s), email address and phone number.

We welcome contributions from fans of all ages - and if you want to sing with your family or those you are staying at home with, please feel free. If you’re under 18 and wish to sing alone, please send parental permission with your contribution.

By sending these files, you give the Eurovision Song Contest and the host broadcasters permission to broadcast and post your video on the official social media channels of the Eurovision Song Contest.


Here are the lyrics for Johnny's What's Another Year:

I've been waiting such a long time,

Looking out for you

But you're not here

What's another year?

I've been waking such a long time,

Reaching out for you

But you aren't near

What's another year?

What's another year?

To someone who's lost everything that he owns?

What's another year?

To someone who's getting used to being alone?

I've been praying such a long time

It's the only way to hide my fear

What's another year?

What's another year?

To someone who's lost everything that he owns?

What's another year?

To someone who's getting used to being alone?

I've been crying such a long time

With such a lot of pain in every tear

What's another year?

What's another year?

Don't forget to submit you sing-a-long video by Friday 24 April!

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