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Eurovision Semi-Final brings back 'orchestra'

Posted 16 April 2013 at 8:00

Eurovision Song Contest used to feature a full symphony orchestra for many years. As times changed, so did the contest and the music scene. That is why today there is no orchestra present at the contest.
However, this year SVT wants to bring it back - just for the interval act of the second Semi-Final and in a way that's not the most usual one. It'll be made up of dancers.
The best dancers in Sweden will be gathered together for the act and each of them will 'become' a different music instrument guiding us through the history of the contest.
In the end, the 'instruments' will form a full symphony orchestra. That's how the people behind the act, Fredrik "Benke" Rydman and Jennie Widegren, see this.
"Finally, we will have created a piece of music, with a full symphony orchestra," describes Jennie Widegren. A"nd then break it off with something completely different, modern synthesisers and sound along with BMX bikes will represent the new modern era."
You can see the impressive act already in a month when the second Semi-Final of this year's contest will be held.
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