Search trends - Eurovision 2018
Search trends - Eurovision 2018
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Europe, may we have your trends please?


People all over Europe have searched the internet in large numbers for Eurovision-related stories, videos and photos; Google's 'Year in Search 2018' shows national selection contestants, individual participants and of course Eurovision itself being a hot topic across the continent.

Every year, Google looks at the most popular search terms across dozens of territories, showing what people have been most interested in that year via the world's most used online search engine.

We've scanned Google's Year in Search 2018 country by country, looking for anything Eurovision related. Our conclusion: Europe was literally All Aboard when it comes to their Eurovision appetite! Unfortunately, no search trends were made available for Australia, but we are pretty sure Eurovision would have shown up in that list.

Per country


The Austrian number three in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, Cesár Sampson, sees himself represented as third most searched for in Austria.

Austria rehearsal
Austria rehearsal © Andres Putting


Belarusians looked up Eurovision 2018 a lot this year, making the contest the fourth most searched for term in general and the most popular topic in the category TV.

Czech Republic

Mikolas Josef, this year's Czech hopeful, showed up in 8th place in the list of most searched for Czech media personalities. The contest itself also made it to the top-10 in the ranking of most searched for TV programmes.


The word 'Eurovisioon' (Eurovision in Estonian) finished second in the list of most search for terms and also the second most searched for event. This year's Estonian artist Elina Nechayeva was the second most searched for person in the country.

Estonia rehearsal
Estonia rehearsal © Andres Putting


The French duo Madame Monsieur, who finished 13th in the Grand Final this year, have the 9th most searched for lyrics on Google with their song Mercy.


Greeks have searched a lot for this year's runner-up, Cyprus' Eleni Foureira, who finished in 10th place in the Celebrities category. The contest earned a respectable second place as fast-growing search term.


Hungarians have been searching online for their national selection A Dal, the show that has delivered 2018 participant AWS ended on a tenth place in the TV section.

Hungary rehearsal
Hungary rehearsal © Andres Putting


It should come as no surprise that winner Israel beats all countries in terms of most Eurovision related search terms...

The search term Eurovision made it to the second position in the music category, winner Netta Barzilai reached the fifth place in the General section, she finished first in the category Music and second in the category People. Israeli broadcaster, and Host Broadcaster of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, KAN made it to the third place in the General section with their channel KAN 11.

Israel rehearsal
Israel rehearsal © Andres Putting


The iconic Italian Sanremo Festival reached the 8th position as most searched for term in the general category and third in the Events list.


The contest takes the number eigth spot in most searched for events, the Latvian national selection Supernova reached the fifth place in the most searched for events.


In Lithuana, the word Eurovision reached the second position in top searches.


Participant Waylon, who ranked 18th with 121 points in the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, reached the third position in the People category. The Dutch singer briefly peaked as most search for Eurovision participant in the world when media criticised his rehearsal performance in Lisbon.


Eurovision 2018 finished third in the most searched for events.

Roksana Węgiel wins the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest
Roksana Węgiel wins the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest © Andres Putting

Next year, Poland will surely see a spike in Eurovision related searches. The country recently won the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Anyone I Want To Be by Roksana Węgiel and earlier this week it was announced that they will be the Host Country of the 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.


The Host Country of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest delivered the contest an eight place as most searched for in the General category and a sixth place in the TV section.


In Serbia, the Eurovision Song Contest finished fourth in the most searched for events and ninth in the General section.


In Slovenia, Eurovision is the third most searched for event and fifth most searched for topic in general. Slovenian representative Lea Sirk was the second most searched for artist in 2018. Slovenia's national selection EMA reached the sixth place in Events and finished ninth in the overall list of popular search terms.

Slovenia Backstage
Slovenia Backstage © Thomas Hanses


Spain, who ranked 23rd in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with Amaia y Alfred's Tu Canción, made the contest their number one most searched for TV show, while their national selection Operación Triunfo was the third most searched for TV show.


In the country that has won the competition a whopping six times, the Eurovision Song Contest was the fourth most searched for TV show, Swedish national selection Melodifestivalen reached a third place in that same TV list and tenth in the general top searches.


The winner of the 2004 and 2016 Eurovision Song Contest saw its inhabitants google 'Eurovision 2018' a lot, helping the show reach a third place in the overall top-10 searches.

Wrapping up

Using Google Trends, people like Google News Lab's Maarten Lambrechts came to a few more interesting conclusions when analysing people's Eurovision related searches on Google:

  • Israel, Cyprus and Austria made up the top-three in Lisbon, but had it been up to Google searches, Norway had topped the scoreboard, followed by Israel and Cyprus. 
  • In terms of search activity per capita, Iceland is most actively searching for Eurovision related content on Google. That's not surprising, as Iceland shows the highest ratings share of all participating countries. Iceland's population is also known to eagerly participate in televoting.
  • The highest peak of Eurovision searches ever on Google was reached during the 2014 Grand Final, when Conchita took home the trophy for Austria.
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