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Eurovision marathon in Lithuania starts tonight!

Posted 14 December 2013 at 8:55

Twenty artists are going to compete for the role of being Lithuanian representative at Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen - next year! However, it is not only about performers. Some of the shows will have songs in the focus and the audience can already hear some demos on the official LRT website.
Among the contestants, in the following weeks and shows, we are going to see some faces, well known to Eurovision audience. Sasha Son who took part in Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow (2009) will try his luck again. Besides him, Jurijus Veklenko and Monika Linkytė are competing as well. They were backing vocalists for Andrius Pojavis, this year in Malmö.

A battle of performers and authors

At the beginning, Lithuanian artists are going to perform the most famous Eurovision songs – first ten in the second show and another ten in third. From each broadcast, only five competitors (singers or bands) can qualify for the finals. Nevertheless, this year’s Eurovision marathon in Lithuania will start with a special show, where all the contestants from this year should perform Lithuanian Eurovision songs over the last two decades. This ‘Round One’ is scheduled for tonight and it will mark Lithuanian 20th anniversary in Eurovision.
If you wonder, who makes a decision about the finalists and the winner of the National selection in Lithuania, the answer is: viewers and jury (50/50). Still, Lithuanian public broadcaster announced more international jury this time, as they are expecting some guests from Sweden, Germany and Russia.
From show to show, there will be less qualifiers and songs in the game. The Grand Final is being planed for 15th of February, when four best vocalists are going to perform the winning song. All the shows will have webcast as well, so even if you are living outside of Lithuania, you can follow LRT’s Eurovision marathon on Internet.

Artist peforming in the Show #2

Vilija Matačiūnaitė Sasha Song Aistė Pilvelytė Aleksandra Metalnikova Julija Jegorova Jurijus Veklenko Juozas Butnorius Justinas Lapatinskas Vig Roses (Giedrė Girnytė, Akvilė Matukaitė) Vaidas Baumila
*TV show scheduled for 21th December (20:00 CET)

Artist peforming in the Show #3

Monika Linkytė Pop ladies (Natalija Bunkė, Katažina Nemycko, Baiba Skurstene, Liepa Mondeikaitė) Neringa Šiaudikytė Martynas Kavaliauskas Mia (Vilija Pilibaitytė) Kristina Radžiukynaitė Soliaris (Algimantas Minalga) Tadas Vilčinskas Ieva Zasimauskaitė Gintė Sičiūnaitė
*TV show scheduled for 28th December (20:00 CET)
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