Eurovision legend to report by Düsseldorf stage

Ever wondered what's going on in front of the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest? How's the life there, in the spotlight of Europe's favourite TV-show?

Well, this year, you can find all of that out! Ola Melzig - a legendary member of the Eurovision family, who's also been blogging about the stage of the contest previously - will be blogging "a bit more about his daily life in front of the stage, what goes on behind the scenes, who is wearing the ugliest dress, who are the people behind this production, and who messed up the most at the Euro Club!"

This year, he's been hired by the appointed production company, Brainpool, as their Concert and Stage Producer, and his job is "to work in front of the stage with the delegations for all the artists, opening acts and interval acts, as a hub between them and the creative team of the production, to ensure that each individual act and part of the show is performed in its best possible way."

He'll start blogging right when the first rehearsals start but might drop in a bit before as well! So, check out Ola Melzig's blog on! He already posted something by the way!

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