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Eurovision hosts present their "12 Point Song"

04 May 2014 at 17:50 CEST

The three hosts of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest met the press at the B&W Hallerne today to talk about their roles and to present a very special song they have recorded together: the somewhat comical 12 Point Song. You can see the video below:


Just prior to the video being shown, Lise Rønne was asked her thoughts about the number twelve to which she replied, “We love the number twelve. It is the highest score in Eurovision, you know!”

Then the video appeared on the big screen. After the video was shown, questions were posed to the three hosts.

When asked about how it is going with the three of them together, Pilou Asbæk said, “It’s working out really well. It’s one of the reasons why we got the job, and it’s not so often that you get the opportunity to work with such beautiful people as I do”.

Pilou Asbæk also answered a question about how the role of host differs to his role as an actor after which he went on to say jokingly, “there are a lot of similarities between acting and hosting, but the biggest difference is that I am now allowed to look in the camera”.

"We need to put the devil into the detail"

Nikolaj Koppel is a very experienced presenter and was asked about what makes a good host. He explained, “there is of course a lot of choreography to hosting, and not just dancing and we need to put in as much effort as possible, with it going out to 45 countries”. He went on to say, “we need to make sure this whole thing works: the lights, stage, music and dance”.

In terms of what happens if something goes wrong, “We also need to put the devil into the detail, because something unexpected may happen so we need to have that chemistry between us, which also relies on the unexpected”.

Lise Rønne also added her answer to the question regarding how the Eurovision Song Contest compares to anything they had done before to which she responded, “this is bigger than anything really isn’t it? I haven’t had just one dress rehearsal, I have had seven dress rehearsals. Everything is just bigger!”.

She then went on to say, “People I meet on the street are extremely excited and extremely enthusiastic about it. We feel a lot of love”, she went on to say.

Nikolaj, Lise and Pilou will present the three live shows, broadcasting on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May at the B&W Hallerne on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen, Denmark.