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Eurovision host to wear Gaultier dress in Final

10 April 2013 at 12:47 CEST

The dresses of the female hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest are always in the spotlight. This year is no exception and it can now be revealed that it'll be the world-famous fashion mastermind Jean-Paul Gaultier who will be behind the dress Petra Mede will wear in the Final.

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"The initiative came from the Architecture Museum, which will have an exhibition of Jean-Paul Gaultier in June. They contacted us and asked if it was possible to collaborate, and as we were of course very happy," says Christer Björkman, the Show producer this year.

He and Petra Mede have now already been to Gaultier's studio and have discussed the ideas - materials and colours - for the smashing outfit.

"Jean-Paul Gaultier invited to a creative process where we juggled different ideas from different dresses. He was incredibly open to our input, and for what Petra thought and felt comfortable in, when he created his creations," Björkman explains.

Gaultier is also known as a big Eurovision Song Contest fan having created several dresses for the participants before. Most notably the dresses for Dana International in 1998 and 2011. He's also been the French commentator in several occasions and designed the dress for last year's French participant Anggun.