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Eurovision Home Concerts: Introducing the artists of Episode 3

17 April 2020 at 13:00 CEST
Jeangu Macrooy (the Netherlands 2020) at home for Eurovision Home Concerts Jeangu Macrooy
Today, on 17 April, we'll see the third episode of Eurovision Home Concerts air on YouTube at 17:00 CEST. We will see 8 different acts performing from their homes. We also have some surprises in store for you!

In case you missed earlier episodes, each episode of Eurovision Home Concerts will feature several artists who have been part of the Eurovision family over the years, including artists from 2020. Each will perform their own song and a cover version of another Eurovision hit. This episode will showcase 5 acts from 2020 and 3 from earlier editions including 1 from the '90s.

Watch the show here at 17:00 CEST:

We are proud to present the following artists to you who show their talents from home:

Hurricane (Serbia 2020)

Hurricane was formed in 2017 on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. Band members include Sanja Vučić, Ivana Nikolić and Ksenija Knežević. Hurricane recorded the song Hasta La Vista for Beovizija 2020, the Serbian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, with a fun uplifting performance. At the third episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, they will sing their catchy Eurovision entry Hasta La Vista as well as Sirusho's Qele, Qele. She represented Armenia in 2008.

In March 2020, Hurricane started the Hasta La Vista Challenge where they're asking people to learn Hurricane's dance routine to Hasta La Vista and posting that on various social channels:

Jalisse (Italy 1997)

Jalisse is a musical duo consisting of husband and wife Fabio Ricci Alessandra Drusian. They have been performing together since 1994 when they formed the duo Jalisse. In 1997, they won the Sanremo Festival with the song Fiumi Di Parole and took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, hosted in Dublin that year, where they placed 4th. They will sing Fiumi Di Parole as well as Italy's Gente Di Mare by Umberto Tozzi & Raf. You could vote for their cover song via Twitter:

Jeangu Macrooy (The Netherlands 2020)

In the autobiographical song Grow, Jeangu Macrooy opens his heart and mind to the world around him. His entry is his personal story about getting older and the quest to find himself. Jeangu believes there is no instruction manual for life. As he sings, "the more I learn, the less I know." During Eurovision Home Concerts, Jeangu will sing his Eurovision entry Grow, and fellow 2020 contestant VICTORIA's Tears Getting Sober.

Quickly after the announcement of the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS revealed that they're continuing the collaboration with Jeangu. This means he will represent the Netherlands in 2021 again:

Lake Malawi (Czech Republic 2019)

Lake Malawi represented the Czech Republic at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. The indie-pop band was founded by Albert Černý in 2013 and the band's name was inspired by a Bon Iver song. With the song Friend of a Friend, they placed 11th in the Grand Final. Besides their Eurovision entry, they will also sing Serhat's Say Na Na Na.

In February, they launched their new song Lucy, the idea for which arose backstage at The Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv:

Lesley Roy (Ireland 2020)

Lesley Roy is a singer-songwriter from Balbriggan Co. Dublin, Ireland. Ireland's entry, Story Of My Life, was penned and co-produced by Lesley alongside some of her favourite co-writers in Nashville: Robert Marvin, Catt Gravitt and Tom Shapiro. "We wanted something uptempo and triumphant, which centres around overcoming your difficulties in life and getting back up again," Lesley said. She will sing her uptempo Eurovision entry Story Of My Life as well Too Late for Love from John Lundvik, who represented Sweden in 2019.

Last weekend, Lesley already took to her home studio to perform for the ESPrePartyES, which was supposed to be hosted in Madrid, but instead was aired on YouTube:

Ulrikke (Norway 2020)

Ulrikke Brandstorp is a well-known artist and performer from big television shows in Norway and, more recently, in one of the leading roles in the Sound of Music in Oslo. She made it to the Gold Finale in Norway's national selection Melodi Grand Prix MGP in 2017 with the song Places.

In 2020, Ulrikke was one of the pre-qualified artists for the national selection, and quickly after Attention was released, it became a favourite to represent Norway. Attention is a song that asks why we change ourselves to please others when it comes to love. She will sing this song in Eurovision Home Concerts, besides Heroes from Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw.

At the end of March, Norwegian broadcaster NRK announced that they will host Melodi Grand Prix again in 2021 to select their Eurovision act. Ulrikke was offered to take part, but declined for now as she said on her Instagram:

Uku Suviste (Estonia 2020)

Uku Suviste is an Estonian singer, pianist, composer and music producer. He was born on 6 June 1982 in the Southern Estonian town of Võru, before moving to Tallinn. His Eurovision entry, What Love Is, was composed by Uku Suviste himself, with lyrics by Stockholm-based US songwriter Sharon Vaughn. It was recorded and produced in Greece. The song is a dramatic ode to feelings that come with falling in love and was inspired by musical theatre. He will sing What Love Is and also Loreen's Euphoria. If you watch closely, you'll also catch a surprise appearance from Norway's Alexander Rybak.

Uku took part in the Estonian selection for Eurovision in 2019 as well, but it was Victor Crone who took home the honour of representing Estonia that year:

Victor Crone (Estonia 2019)

In 2016 Victor met Estonian Stig Rästa during a songwriting trip to Stockholm, where they instantly connected. Shortly afterwards, Stig invited Victor to Estonia and they have been working together ever since – meaning many, many trips to Estonia for Victor. Storm was created during one of those visits. The song was completed just as Eesti Laul, the submission for Estonia's Eurovision Selection, opened, and it was at Stig and the rest of the songwriting team's suggestion that the song be entered into the competition. He won the Estonian competition and represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Tel Aviv, where he placed 20th in the Grand Final. Besides his Eurovision entry Storm, he will also sing Goodbye to Yesterday Stig Rästa and Elina Born.

Victor took part in the Swedish national selection 'Melodifestivalen 2020' with the song Troubled Waters. He qualified to the final of the 4th semi-final. He finished in 9th place:

Surprise! Sergey Lazarev and Helena Paparizou join the Eurovision Home Concerts

Today, in the third episode of Eurovision Home Concerts, we have 2 more surprise guests: Eurovision legend Sergey Lazarev (Russia 2016 and 2019) and Eurovision winner Helena Paparizou (Greece 2005). They are collaborating with composer and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos who stands behind many successful Eurovision entries. Among them, Scream and You're The Only One by Sergey Lazarev, Hold Me from Farid Mammadov and This Is Our Night by Sakis Ruovas.

Dimitris started a project on Instagram called Q sessions, in which he collaborates with a long list of artists to perform songs that he has composed, among them many well-known Eurovision entries. He plays the keys while the artists sing their songs. Tune in this afternoon to Eurovision Home Concerts to see which songs they'll sing!

If you want to see more Q sessions, check out his Instagram here.

Sergey Lazarev and Helena Paparizou Dimitris Kontopoulos

Where and when to watch?

Every episode of the Eurovision Home Concerts will be published on Friday at 17:00 CEST on the official YouTube channel of the Eurovision Song Contest. Make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss any episodes!

Which song are you most excited to see this afternoon? Let us know in the comments below!