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Eurovision gets its own Book of Records

03 May 2014 at 21:07 CEST

Forget all about the Guinness Book of Records; now it's all about the Eurovision Book of Records!

The Eurovision Song Contest now has its own book of records – at least for the live shows, where the producers have been digging around for the most unbelievable entries from the competition's past. 

“We have delved deep into the archives and found a whole load of good clips that really show how diverse this music competition is. And it is this diversity we want to pay tribute to with the Book of Records”, says Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme.  

“After having looked through a lot of material, we have come up with idea after idea”, explains Jan Lagermand Lundme, who can reveal that the project has turned into eight different compilations of records that will be shown during the three live shows on the 6th, 8th and 10th of May. 

Who has the highest hair?

Today it is all about something that hopefully won’t flop, but will keep itself high up in the rafters: HAIR!

Take a look at the video above to see who has the biggest hair in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Remember to keep an eye during each Semi-Final and the Grand Final where we will reveal even more records.

Facts – the 8 Eurovision Records

  • Highest hair
  • Largest shoulder pads
  • Most silver
  • Biggest applause
  • Most licking of lips
  • Longest note
  • Highest note
  • Most number of “la’s”